PAWGRND™: USB Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder | Safe Pet Nail Grinder

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This Dog Nail Grinder is the Solution you've been looking for...

The amazing high USB rechargeable nail grinder for dogs allows you to have the perfect pet grooming experience with guaranteed zero effort and a totally painless procedure and the results are amazing.  
Nail Grinder For Dog
pet hair trimmer

No need to visit a groomer again take care of your pooch’s nails your self-make it looks marvelous like everything else in them.

Benefits You Get of our Dog Nail Grinder:

  • Safe & Effective: Our Grinder is manufactured with Diamond Bit Grinder, which is safer and more effective than nail clipper to trim pet nails, reducing the risk of clipping the claws too short or hurt your pet.
  • Make Nail Grinding Painless: If your pets are terrified of nail trimming, then we’ve got you covered. Try today this electric Nail Grinder For Dog and trim their nails nice, easy and painlessly. No more worries about overcutting, nasty. 

Nail Grinder For Dog

  • Super Mute Motor: Our Pet Nail Grinder is specially designed with low noise and low vibration, making your pet no fear to trim their nails.
  • Easy to Clean: The piece over the stone can be removed for easy cleaning.

Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder FAQs

If I get this, do I still need to clip their nails first? Their nails are too long and razor-sharp

No, you don’t need to clip or cut their nails before using the grinders, and even better, when you use it on them, you will get smooth, rounded nails.

Will this Nail Grinder work for cats?

Sure, they will work on any kind of nails so you can use it with cats as well.

Can I use this without grinding my dog’s nails?

You don’t need to trim or clip your dog’s nails before using this dog nail grinder, however, I can see from different dog nail grinder reviews that some people prefer to trim or clip their dog’s nails first just to save some time, but it’s not necessary.

I was wondering If I could use this on my chicken?

You can use it but do so conservatively, and the same could be used about any other nail trimming tool as long as we’re talking about chicken. Chicken have a vein in their nails that will bleed if you cut it short. Also, chicken are not famous for being steady, so I think this should be your first concern.

Can I charge this with a power bank?

Sure. You can charge it with any kind of USB plug whether it’s your phone charger, power bank, or even your laptop. However, you should know that the only difference will be in the time it takes to charge, something like your phone charger will charge it faster than your laptop, for example.

Will this work on my rabbits?

Yes, rabbits have paws that are not too small for this to be used on them. In general, these can be used for any types of nails. I use them on my Guinea pigs no problem.

Do the grinding stones wear out with time?

It can take years for the grinding stones to wear down, but it really depends on your usage and how many pets do you use these for.

Is this loud? My shih Tzu  is easily scared of any loud tools and would NEVER let me touch him

The motor is actually very quiet, which was surprising for me. I have a 3-month old Griffon and he would be easily scared of any loud tools as well, but with some patience and delicious treats, I am now able to grind his nails with this without problems.

Dog Nail Grinder VS Clipper - Should you Clip or grind your dog’s nails?

That’s a good question, and one that every dog owner often asks themselves. To be completely truthful with you, there is no right or wrong answer here as it completely depends on you and your dog.

Grinding a dog’s nails is easier, but it takes slightly more time. It’s often to recommended to use a nail grinder for large dogs as they have thicker nails that are just too difficult to clip, and it can be too risky as well, and not only for your dog, but for you.

Many dog owners have stated that they love to use dog nail grinders with their large dogs instead of clippers because when they use clippers, the chipped or clipped pieces fly away and can hit them – and yes, it can get into your eyes if you are not careful enough.

That brings us to a second important point, using a Dremel dog nail grinder for black dogs or dogs with black nails is often the only choice you have if you want to avoid making a mistake and cutting their quick, which is very painful and could lead to serious consequences, starting with bleeding.

Using a professional dog nail grinder such as the PAWGRND solves all these problems and gives you complete control over the whole process, making it incredibly easy to cut your dog’s nails to the perfect size even if you have a large dog or a dog with dark nails. It will just take more time, so you will need to be a bit more patient.

How to Grind Dog Nails?

Here’s how to use dog nail grinder and grind your dog’s nails in easy steps:

      • make sure your rechargeable dog nail grinder has enough charge and all cleaned up.
      • Make sure to have some of their favorite treats close by as well
      • Provide a comfortable spot for your dog to sit or lie down, or choose a time when they’re already lying down and completely relaxed
      • Turn the Nail Grinder on
      • See how your dog reacts to it, if they’re still calm, ask them for their paws
      • Hold the paw gently but firmly
      • Put the grinding tool directly on their nails briefly, watch how they react, and grind a small bit of the nail
      • Give them a praise and a delicious treat
      • Repeat steps 7 and 8 until all of their nails are the right length

If your dog objects at any time, don’t push it. If they don’t feel like it now, take away the treats and try another time. Always make sure to try when they are most comfortable and relaxed.