Crazy Chicken High-knee Socks

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This is the perfect socks for making any outfit more fun. Great for Christmas, Halloween, and parties. 🐶❤️️


Love cool high-knee socks? Looking for an interesting piece of cloth to give as gift?

Let these funny high-knee socks show your character!

Benefits You Get:

• Super lightweight and soft texture fabric of 80% cotton, 2% nylon, 13% spandex and 5% elastic.

• Item Length: app.21cm/8.27''(Elastic)

• Woven 3D design. It isn't printed, so it will stay vibrant after many washes

• Breathable with super perfect elasticity for more comfort.

• The funny designed socks make your legs look leaner.

• The perfect socks for making any outfit more fun. Perfect for Christmas, Halloween, and parties.

• Perfect for fun loving wild and crazy persona.

• Enhanced top elastic bands will not make you feel uncomfortable, and keep you styling all day.

• Colorful socks add a unique element to many outfits.

• Cool gift for friends.

• Keeps your warm with a fashionable look!

• Sizes: Medium fit people 5-8(US) (TUBE LENGTH 12.60in) and Large fit people 6.5-9.5(US) (TUBE LENGTH 15.35in)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do these glow in the dark?
No, they don't. Sure would be funny if they did. 
2. How long are these socks?
Total 18" long, just like the picture, knee high. 
3. Are these ok for juniors to wear? 
OH yeah, I would think so. I was bummed that the best part was covered by my shoes, but I really like them. 

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Crazy Chicken High-knee Socks to be Quality Premium Product.

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