Ride Em' Cowboy Dog Costume

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Do you love buying quirky gift items that your dog loves?Who doesn't want to see a cowboy riding a dog like a wild bull?

Introducing the Ride Em' Cowboy Dog Costume

Benefits You get:

• Bring laughs to the whole family when they see your beloved dog running around with this crazy cowboy on their back

• New arrival cute cowboy design.

• Keeps your dog cute and lovable.

• Flexible, breathable and comfortable Fabric

• The arm holes are soft and nonirritating.

• Perfect outfit for your pet.

• Hand and machine washable

• 100% Brand new and guaranteed quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What size for a Yorkie?
I got a small for my 9lb Chihuahua. 
2. Will this fit my 40lb Shiba Inu mix?
I don't really know. I bought a Medium for my 24# Corgi..and it fits great. Measure around his belly and chest and see if the large will fit 
3. My dog is 15lbs. should I get her a size small or medium? she's not chubby... I'd say medium built.
Medium. It fits on my 12 and 20-pound dogs. 
4. Can they go to the bathroom without taking the costume off?
Honestly, I haven't tried yet but the costume wraps around my female dog's stomach so it shouldn't be a problem 

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Ride Em' Cowboy Dog Costume to be Quality Premium Product.

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