CATGROOMER™: Self Grooming for Cats


This Self Groomer for Cats is designed according to the living habit of the cat. As it was known between all cats owners that rubbing object for a cat is the most enjoyable thing for them and it is a great way of relaxing, also it can remove the loose and shed hair while combing itself with the Cat Wall-Mount Groomer. It is equipped with the catmint to attract the cat to scratch for itself, and the brush can be disassembled easily for cleaning and installment. Install the product on the wall’s corner or the edge of a piece of furniture where the cat can reach easily depending on the height of the cat. We are sure that your cat will like this new toy, as it can comb it's own hair and enjoying the massage while rubbing its head with the product.

Benefits you Get:
  • Designed according to the living habit of the cat:Its well know that cats love to rub their cute head into anything as for example owners legs or an edgy looking piece of furniture this is due to the fact that cats have a lot of scent glands located on several areas on its upper body part as for example (sides of their faces, neck, chin and even ears) that will produce a scent on this particular edge in the house as an indication for another animal that it is marking its own territory, this action is well known as “Bunting”.

    • It plays a role as the rubbing object for the cat: As we know there are not enough hands to pet a cat, it loves the fact that it can be scratched on the head or the side of the neck by its owner, that is why this Self Groomer for Cats gives the cat the opportunity to have the sensation of help yourself by petting and rubbing itself in this smart new invention. 
    • It can remove the loose and shed hair while combing the cat hair: You know how raising a cat can be a bit frustrating when it comes to loose hair or shed hair how it all get messy around the floors of the house or on your favorite pieces of clothes, this amazing invention helps you dished the cat without even doing anything the cat will do all the work itself and will groom itself by itself, it will feel like there is a groomer for cats near you.
    • It is equipped with the catmint to attract the cat to scratch for itself: Catmints it can be good to encourage your cat to play and do some exercise and keep the cat relax, it also has a huge impact on cats as it is considered a natural plant that has a lot of positive effects on your feline friend for example: 
    1. Euphoria
    2. Happiness
    3. Playfulness
    4. Excitement
    5. Hyperactivity
    6. Sedation


        • The brush can be disassembled easily for cleaning and installment: This Self Groomer for Cats is user-friendly when it comes to adjustments, installments and cleaning as it is really simple to disassemble, the only thing that has to be done is snapping out the brush from the frame and cleaning it.
        • Install the cat self-groomer on the corner of a wall or the edge of a piece of furniture: Every cat is different than the other when it comes to height therefore adjusting the “Wall-Mount Groomer” wont be an issue just place it in a spot where your cat is feeling comfortable the product is known as mobile groomer for cats hence the easy adjustments, other than similar product that are also really useful but only requires a lot of space to be placed for example Cat Self Groomer Arch it acts the same way as a cat self-groomer brush but its lack of mobility when it comes to spaces that make the wall mount have an amazing advantage when placing it, as it only requires anything that got an edge or a corner.




          Frequently Asked Questions:
          1. Can you move it after you have put it up? Is it like the 'Command' adhesive devices?
          The adhesive that comes with it seems to me the kind that would most likely rip off a piece of your wall too so I bought the easy remove wall tabs you can get anywhere and used those instead so I can easily remove when I need to. I highly recommend that! 
          2. How long are the brush tines? My cat has long hair...
          approximately 1/2 inch. My cat has long hair also and it is perfect for her. 
          3. Could you put it in a sheltered outdoor place?
          Yes, you could. 
          4. Do you have to use screws to attach it?
's corner, you put the nip right in there and it comes with 4 small double-sided tape rectangles. I only use two to place elsewhere if wanted and so far so good. I'd buy again! He likes it-I like it! 

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