Tips and Steps on How to Train a German Shepherd

how to train a german shepherd

How to train a German shepherd dog takes time and patience. German Shepherd is strong and loyal dogs who bond very tightly toward their family and friends.

Being active dogs, they are not suited to a sedentary life. They have a strong love for children and make great family dogs.

German Shepherd training tips

1.) Teach them socializing

While your puppy is growing up, you got to make them learn how to socialize. To do so, enroll them in a puppy training or puppy socialization class. It is important to let

your puppy learns to be social while they are young before they are 4 to 6 month. Any period after that reduces the chance to raise confident and friendly dogs.

Apart from socialization classes, you got to also socialize your dog on your own.

2.) Potty training your German Shepherd

Teach your German Shepherd potty training through using different techniques such as crate training. In crate training, a crate is handpicked that fits your dog and

doesn’t offer a lot of space just enough so they can turn around and sit comfortably. The idea is that a dog will not eliminate in their den. Their crate acts like their den so

dogs would most likely hold it in and relieve themselves appropriately.

Depending on their age, you will take your puppy or dog on frequent visits. Typically a 2-month puppy will need to go potty every 2 to 3 hours.

To know how much time is needed for a puppy to relieve themselves, add an hour after your puppy’s age. For example, a puppy that is 6 months and above should go potty every 6 to 7 hours.

Other tips for how to potty train your German Shepherd are that you should always take them after they eat, sleep, and play time.

3.) Teach German Shepherd how to not bite

Tips and Steps on How to Train a German Shepherd |

To start off, you got to know that German Shepherd biting is normal. It is a behavior that starts with puppies who do it to interact and learn about the outside world. Most

puppies will grow out of their puppy biting. However, to help them do so, you got to teach your German Shepherd to apply minimal pressure when playing with you.

You can also get your puppy different toys so they can bite them instead of furniture or skin. There are different textures, squeaky, and non-squeaky toys that alleviate dog biting problem.

You can also take your puppy to a socialization class where they learn how to play with other dogs and properly use their mouth.

4.) Positive reinforcement

Use positive reinforcement to train your German Shepherd. To do so, you’ve got to give your dog things that they like such as foods, walks, playtime, toys, praise and

other things that make your dog happy. Only give them these treats or praise when they have done the training so they associate the training with the treats and praise. Dogs are more likely to become motivated to do the training.

Steps Of how to train a German Shepherd:

Start with basic commands

Tips and Steps on How to Train a German Shepherd |

These skills are applicable to German Shepherd puppies from 8 to 16 weeks old. You can teach them some of these commands such as sit, stand, stay, go, come, and potty.

From 4 to 9 months, you should teach your dog other commands such as

  • Wait
  • Gentle: The dog takes an object with their mouth gently without touching a person
  • No bite
  • Drop: Let your dog let go of an object that they hold
  • Quiet: Stop barking, whining, and growling

Once your dog has mastered these skills, you can teach them the final stage of basic commands such as speak where your dog barks on command and tricks such as playing dead.

Teach your dog advanced command training

In the advanced command training, you teach your German Shepherd commands that are not common and can be used in working environments such as training to become police dogs, watchdog, guide dogs or a family dog.

German Shepherds are smart and pick up commands easily. This is a reason that many of them are used in professions.

Other methods to train your dog to find things

how to train a german shepherd

The fetch and search method

Start by playing with your dog fetch. Get your dog excited and use the item that you want them to find in the game. Then tether your dog to something while telling them

to wait and sit. Make sure they are watching you while you put the item in a place that they can see. Then untie your dog and tell them the word “search”. You can then

point them to the place and encourage them to get the object. When they get into the habit of getting the item, reward them by giving them a treat.

You can make things harder through hiding the item on a far place that is away from their sight.

The tracking leash Method

Get your dog worked up for the item they are going to search for. You can do so by playing fetch, tug of war, or leaving it in their bed. This step is crucial to your dog

gets attached to the item. Then, create a breadcrumb trail that leads to the item while also wiping the item on the ground along the way so your dog can smell it.

After that, secure your dog with a tracking leash and harness so they can follow the trail freely without getting lost. You got to then take them to the beginning of the

trail and let them smell and follow the trail to the item. If they don’t understand what to do, dogs usually imitate their owners so get down on your feet and pretend that you are following the trail.


German Shepherds are smart and loyal dogs. Their intelligence makes them suited to various professions as well as being a family dog. It is thus important to teach your

German Shepherd dog, at young age training, things such as socialization, potty training, basic and advanced commands, and no biting training.

It is important to use positive reinforcement throughout the process. There are also methods to teach your German Shepherd how to find things.

We would love to hear from you to share your experience with us when training your German Shepherd. Was it hard? How did it go? and what did you teach your German Shepherd?

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