How to Train a Dog Not to Jump on you or Others!

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump on you or Others! |

how to train a dog not to jump, it is important to keep in mind that the dog jumps on people because he wants to greet them. The dogs jump to get our attention.
This is not a dominant behavior, regardless of what some say. Moreover, very often between two dogs, a greeting face to face often involves: licking the muzzle …
Severe correction on your part may change a happy reaction into something much less desirable.

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump

How to train a dog not to jump:

4 Exercises to train a dog to stop jumping on strangers:

Exercise 1:
Calm down! We frequently react to the jump by raising our voices and pushing the dog. Doing this increases the intensity of the situation and makes things worse. The best method is to calm down. If your dog is jumping on people or on you, be calm.

Exercise 2:
If your dog already knows how to sit on command, try this step. When your dog begins to jump on you, stop instantly, look straight ahead (not towards your dog), and pull your hands and arms toward your chest. Say “No! do not jump “and immediately turn your back on your dog and say” Sit “firmly.

If your dog is seated, turn to face him, kneel down calmly to stroke him. If your dog jumps back on you, get up quickly and turn your back on him to start the exercise again. Continue repeating this sequence until your dog stops jumping. It is important to perform this technique with the guests, family …

Exercise 3:
If you enter a room and your dog begins to jump on you, immediately step back outside and close the door behind you but not entirely, leave it slightly ajar. Through the slit of the door, say “Sitting”. If your dog sits, open the door slightly and kneel down and gently stroke.

If your dog jumps on you again, quickly get up and walk right out of the room, close the door behind you. Continue repeating this sequence until your dog stops jumping. It is important to perform this technique with the guests, family …

Exercise 4:
Once your dog has learned to say hello politely, recruit some friends to help you teach your dog to greet visitors politely. It is advisable to take one person at a time, ask one of your friends to practice Exercise # 2 above when entering the house for example.

Explain in advance, the sequence to your friends: turn your back, go out and close the door if your dog jumps on him … Then you start your practice session with one of them hitting or ringing the bell, go with your dog to answer. Before opening the door, tell your dog “Sitting”. If he sits down, open the door naturally.

If your dog jumps, your friend will do what. If your dog stays seated, then your friend can quietly come in and greet him gently without exaggerating. Ask your friends to do several rehearsals.

How to train a dog not to jump on you and people?
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How to train a dog not to jump on you and people?


The dog jumps on people because he likes that, regardless of race. However, there are owners who encourage this kind of behavior. So here’s How to train a dog not to jump:

  • They should keep in mind that not everyone likes dogs and theirs should not jump on the first person in the street.
  • Certainly, when your dog is still at the puppy stage, it’s cute, but it can really be a problem when you’re an adult.
  • The problem is simple: the older the dog, the heavier it will be. The heavier the dog, the more dangerous the jump. Depending on the person at the “reception”, the consequences can be embarrassing for you. You could scare the person and she would end up treating you all the names.
  • If it’s a child, it’s worse. He could be seriously injured due to the weight of the dog. You may be in serious trouble, regardless of whether the child was injured or not.

Teach dog not to jump! Here are additional tips:

⦁ Because of their extreme excitement, for some dogs it is easier to grab a toy and shake or hold it, rather than sitting down and stroking.

⦁ If this method seems more suitable for your dog, then keep a toy near the front door. When you return home, open the door and immediately direct your dog’s attention to the toy and throw it away.

How to keep a dog from jumping

How to keep a dog from jumping:

Important: You must keep in mind that a dog jumps on people to attract attention. When your dog welcomes you, his goal is to get your attention to pet him.

Knowing this, you can show your dog what he needs to do to gain your attention and touch it. Try to remember two things each time when greeting your dog:

  1. Keep your attention and hands away from your dog unless his front legs are on the floor.
  2. Immediately give your dog attention and caress it as soon as his front legs are on the ground.

For example, when you enter through a door and your dog jumps on you, ignore him. Do not tell him to go down or push him away. Instead, stand upright, move your arms and hands to the chest.

If he continues to jump on you, turn away, he will have to put his front paws on the ground to follow you. If his front legs remain on the ground, gently caress him on the head. If he jumps during your contact, just remove your hands, stand up as before, and ignore it until his paws return to the ground.

Do not do when your dog jumps on people:

⦁ Do not be excited when you greet your dog. If you are calm, your dog will be.
⦁ Do not shout at your dog when he jumps on you or others.
⦁ Do not try to catch your dog or push him away. By doing this you simply encourage him to jump further.

Make sure everyone in your family knows their rules. They should not encourage your dog to jump on them even to play. The dog will not make a difference with another person. In order for your dog’s education to work, it must be consistent.

Now that we’ve covered, let’s cover barking! Here’s how o train a dog not to bark

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