The Best Guide into How to Stop A Dog From Chewing Furniture

how to stop a dog from chewing furniture

A dog chewing your furniture is a hectic problem. Most dogs chew furniture out of many different causes and reasons. how to stop a dog from chewing furniture becomes the sole purpose of all dog parents.

Here, is the list of the top causes and solutions on how to stop a dog from chewing furniture.

Causes of dog chewing furniture

There are many causes of dog destructive chewing on furniture. The main causes of the dog destructive chewing are listed below.

1.) Separation anxiety

A primary cause of dog chewing furniture when left alone is separation anxiety. This type of anxiety affects the dog when their parents leave.

Some dogs are anxious and stressed when just their parents are about to leave. Others try to prevent their parents from leaving.

One of the main signs of separation anxiety is that dogs can destroy a house by chewing on furniture, carpets,windows, door frames, and any household objects.

This type of behavior often results in a dog breaking their teeth and damaging their paws and nails. When a dog parent comes home they will be alarmed to see what a dog destructive chewing has done to their furniture.

Also, other signs include barking and howling, potty accidents, escaping from the area of confinement, and pacing in circular patterns.

2.) Tendency to suck fabric

how to stop a dog from chewing furniture: Dog and fabric

Some dogs have a tendency to suck and chew fabrics. This behavior comes from their experience when they were young puppies.

Naturally, puppies nurse from their mothers when they are young. They will continue nursing to their hearts’ content until ,a certain point of time, their mothers will stop and reject their attempts to continue nursing.

As a result, dogs who are denied or rejected early on from nursing develop the habit of sucking on different things such as blankets and furniture.

If fabric sucking happens for a long period of time and your dog can’t be distracted, it is a compulsive behavior that needs treatment.

3.) Boredom and attention seeking

Boredom and attention seeking behaviors may be the cause of your dog chewing on furniture. Therefore, a dog chew to relieve their boredom and for attention.

When you come to see the chaos and react, you are giving your dog attention. This attention is what they were seeking in the beginning.

4.) Medical causes

Another reason for your dog chewing on furniture is a medical condition. An example would be if your dog doesn’t eat a balanced and healthy diet, they will develop a condition called pica.

In this condition, dogs will chew on non food substances.

Other causes are gastrointestinal conditions that are linked to excessive chewing. A dog with gastrointestinal conditions will chew to relieve themselves.

5.) Puppy teething

Puppy teething is a common cause of chewing furniture. Therefore, puppy teething is a stage that every dog has to go through and it will be uncomfortable. Chewing on things help relieve their pain.

Top ways on How to Stop A Dog From Chewing Furniture

1.) Teach your dog what to chew

how to stop a dog from chewing furniture

Give your dog chew toys so they can find something to chew on instead of chewing on furniture and your belongings. If you have a puppy who is teething, this can save your house from excessive chewing.

2.) Use bad tasting repellants and sprays

Another way on how to stop a dog from chewing furniture is by keeping your dog away from it. This is happens by using bad tasting repellants and sprays over the furniture.

This makes it less likely for dogs to chew the furniture because these repellents repel your dogs from the objects that are covered in them.

3.) Give them exercise

how to stop a dog from chewing furniture

Exercise is important to stop a dog from chewing furniture. It helps reduce excessive chewing and destructive behaviors. The reason is that a tired dog will be less likely to to get into things.

Also, exercise produces endorphins which make dogs feel a calming effect. These endorphins are released when your dog chews so lack of exercise may be the reason that your dog substitutes chewing with exercise.

4.) Treat separation anxiety

You can treat separation anxiety in dogs that causes chewing in furniture through using different techniques. Some of these techniques are listed below.

You got to change your going away signal

Examples include using a different door, leaving your keys in different location, and putting your coat on but you don’t leave until 15 minutes have passed.

The goal is to change the association between your actions and leaving. Give your dog treats when you leave to distract them.

Don’t get emotional with your goodbyes

Don’t become overly emotional and over excited when your goodbyes and arrivals. This reinforces the fear of your absence. Calmly say goodbye and leave.

When you are in the house, train your dog to be alone

Ask your dog to stay in another room by themselves while you go to a different part of the house. If your dog has severe anxiety, try starting with a 5 to 10 seconds interval and work over 20 to 30 minutes over several weeks.

5.) Be calm and gentle

Never use punishment on your dog as a way for how to stop a dog from chewing furniture. Some of these punishments include hitting the dog and putting a duct tape around their mouth. These techniques are unacceptable and inhumane.

So always be gentle and use techniques such as crate training when you are away and many others that don’t harm your dog.

6.) Provide your dog with mental stimulation

Give your dog puzzles and toys to keep them occupied while you are away. Make sure that they are the right size and won’t harm your dog in any way.

You can also always get your dog some good pet furniture for them to enjoy themselves.


In conclusion, How to stop a dog from chewing furniture requires following certain steps and methods. However, before finding the solution , you must know what is the cause of the destructive chewing behavior so you know which solution to choose.

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Share with us your experience. Does your dog chew on your furniture? Also how do you deal with the situation?

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