How to File Your Dog’s Nails in 4 Easy And Quick Steps

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If you are a dog owner and I guess you probably are otherwise you wouldn’t be here, the question of how to file your dog’s nails has probably crossed your mind at one point or another.

You know by now that your furry friend is not a big fan of the grooming session you hold for him especially the nail trimming ones. Your doggo doesn’t like to be touched in general and he is willing to give you hell if you even think about coming near him with a clipper in your hand.

how to file your dog's nails that are too long?
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You started to dread the chore as much as he does. You probably thought of abandoning this whole procedure and let nature has her way. But immediately backed down as you probably know the dangers of letting your dog’s nails to grow too long, for more on this read this article. That’s why you started thinking about alternative ways to trim your dog’s nails without clippers and without any cutting involved.

That’s why you clicked on this article once you saw it. So let me help and give you the best tips on how to file your dog’s nails. But first, you need to know this;

Why Filing And No Clipping?

Before knowing how to file your dog’s nails, you should first acknowledge this. Dogs are sensitive to being touched, they don’t like to feel the pressure of the Clippers against their nails.

Nail trimming can go horribly wrong if you’re not careful. Some dog parents accidentally cut the quick causing a bloody situation. Especially, if you have a dog with Black Nails your suffering is doubled.

That is why I think most dogs fear these trimming sessions in general. Here is an article to help you if you got to the quick again How to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding Quickly

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So, for their peace of mind, some owners resort to the idea of taking their dogs to their vet and assign them with this daunting chore of cutting their puppy’s nails while under sedation.

They also tend to pay a professional groomer to do it. But think about this for a second. If your own dog doesn’t like you, His friend or probably his entire world, to hold him down and clip his nails. How do you think he would feel if a stranger does it? Believe me, you don’t want that for your pup’s sake.

How to File Your Dog's Nails in 4 Easy And Quick Steps |

Either way, it isn’t cost-effective at all. You end up paying a lot of money for something that you can do at home easily once you know the trick.

There is an easy and stress-free way you can try to file your dog’s nails “naturally”. Which is to let your dog walk or run on hard surfaces long enough to keep his nails short but that will actually take a long time to achieve the desired outcome.

So, back to filing your dog’s nails manually.

How to File Your Dog’s Nails in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1. Introduce The Dremel

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Before knowing how to file your dog’s nails at home you should make sure that your dog is comfortable with the Dremel around, while it is working too.

You can use a standard nail file for this procedure but, who we kidding, that will probably take a lot of time and effort than what you are willing to put into this process.

You can use a Dremel file, It’s a motorized file that works like a sander. It is used to grind the nails down in a short period of time. Shop for a Dremel in your nearest pet store or a veterinarian.

Introduce it to your fluffy furball over a period of days. Let him check it and play with it while turned off until he gets used to it being around.

Run it next to him so he gets used to the sound of it and tries to give your pup treats while acclimatizing him to the sound to establish some sort of a positive correlation between the tool and the feeling of good times in a deeper level inside your pup’s mind.

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Step 2. Doggy Manscaping

How to File Your Dog's Nails in 4 Easy And Quick Steps |

To clear the area of action before you start, Trim the hair around your puppy’s toes and nails to have better access to the nails so that hair won’t entangle with the rotating tools.

Step 3. Slow Advances

Choose a good position for you and your pup before you start the procedure. Try to touch one of his nails for a moment to get him used to the sensation and praise him for letting you do this by patting and giving him his favorite treat. That will also help to make him relaxed and believe me you need him relaxed for this.

How to File Your Dog's Nails in 4 Easy And Quick Steps |

Make your dog sit or stand, whatever works best for you to get the job done. You can ask the help of a friend to get a better grip on the process in general.

Step 4. Start Filing

How to File Your Dog's Nails in 4 Easy And Quick Steps |

Hold the Dremel with one hand and with the other pick up the paw and press gently on the paw pad. With your thumb and index finger, try spreading the toes and access the nails, Turn on the Dremel and start to grind the nail tip up and down. Repeat this motion to get more of the nail off.

Don’t get hasty and start to apply pressure with the Dremel. Be patient and allow the friction of the Dremel to do the job.

Try to do one nail at a time then give your pal a break.

Do not keep the Dremel in one spot for a long period of time as the nail will get hot and your doggo will start to feel a burning sensation that would make him freak out.

Be careful when getting the nail too short and close to the quick. You will risk accidentally nicking the quick in the process so be careful for more on how to deal with a bleeding toe read this.

After you finish filing all your fluffy pal’s nail treat him with his favorite treats for his good behavior, He has been a good boy, Hasn’t he? this will leave a good impression on him that will help for the next filing session.

How to File Your Dog's Nails in 4 Easy And Quick Steps |

As pet owners, we always look for the most suitable procedure to do anything that is related to our pets. Our article ‘how to file your dog’s nails’ is in a mean of helping dog owners to make the experience of adjusting the dog’s nails with the most comfortable method to the dogs, what is better than making the owner and the pet happy!.

I hope these tips help you with taking care of your dogs’ nails. Remember to check with your vet before the filing sessions for any unwanted problems.

If you have any tips or tricks that I might have left out. Please, spread the wisdom and tell me and all the other readers in the comments

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