Pet Fleas: 10 Effective Ways for Early Detection and Removal

Pet Fleas: 10 Effective Ways for Early Detection and Removal |

Brown spots moving on your dog’s fur, strange little feces coming out of it, your dog is scratching, licking and biting all day long, pale gums in the mouth, your vet worried about tapeworms,

All dog flea symptoms,

Those tenacious, little, brown, high jumping, bloodsucking fleas,

And here we have 10 effective ways you can detect and protect with against those little Dracula,

Pet Fleas: 10 Detection and Removal Ways

Pet fleas
  1. As Simple as a comb
  • Don’t underestimate the power of combing, it’s a practice as old as dogs and men, sure it will take you some time and effort, but trust me it’s worth it, it is pivotal for dog flea treatment,

Just grab yourself a pet flea comb at your local pet store – preferably a metal one – and give your pooch a good old fashion combing session,

If you’re lucky enough, you won’t find anything, if not, then you’ll come face to face with the enemy, on your comb you should find minute, six legged beasts,

Hurry up and dip them and your comb into a bowl of soapy water, do enjoy their suffering.

If you don’t have any pet stores in your vicinity, you might wanna check this out:

  • Not in it for the scratching, how about just a rub?
  • If taking a comb to your dog is a bit much for you or if you don’t wanna come face to face with little Dracula, then an easier way would be to call Fido in, tell em to sit and stay, grab a small tissue or paper towel and place it below your dog and give him a nice rub on his belly, keep rubbing for a short while, send the old boy away then check your towel, if you find little brown specks on the towel, then yes, Fido’s played a little too much in the mud, and now he’s paying for it,

What you found is actually the miniature feces of our tiny pests.

Either way, now you know you have a problem, and believe me, knowing really IS half this battle.

  • Manual labor.
  • Most adult fleas are visible to the naked eye, you can’t see them at work thank god, but you can see them moving around on your dog’s fur, and if you’re of an inquisitive nature and like to investigate you’re dog’s hide from time to time, you may be in for a nasty surprise,

Fleas lay eggs, that’s right, EGGS, you will find them all over your dog and all around him as well, and trust me, you don’t want those babies hatching, they don’t hatch fleas but little worm-like larvae that are troublesome for your dog and disgusting for you.

What you need to do now, is manually clean out as many as you can, if not off your dog, then at least around him, periodically clean up the dog house or whatever spot he likes to lay and play around, it may take some effort though as those little guys can be very creative with where they lay their eggs,

so good luck soldier,

Pet fleas two dogs
  • Insecticide!!!
  • Not for your dog, for your home, if your dog has a flea infestation, this is a sign that YOU have a flea infestation, not personally of course, but it’s your home, the habitat in which your dog thrives, even if he didn’t get afflicted there, know that your dog doesn’t always miss the mark when he scratches, meaning you probably have fleas in your home as a result of him getting them somewhere else,

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So, what you want to do first is make sure your own house is clear first, spray the right amount of insecticide in and around your dog house, and if your dog stays inside, sorry, but you have some real work cut out for you, it is a time and effort consuming process but trust me it’s worth it,

Some products, like fog bombs, make it much easier and can help you eliminate other types of bugs as well, not just fleas.

Just make sure you don’t expose your dog to too much of the stuff, it’s poison after all, although there are some organic brands out there that are pet-friendly if you’re willing to spend the extra buck.

Acting on your pet flea infestation can take a long time, it is not a short-time process, weeks maybe months, each dog is different, no two dogs are the same when it comes to fleas, some are better at housing and hiding fleas than others,

So take your time, know your dog and understand that the effort is worth it.

  1. An ounce of prevention.
  • Now that you’ve made some progress on your dog’s case, if you’re starting to feel that you’re almost rid of the flea occupation, it’s time to take some preventative measures, these are especially important if you have more than one dog and they like to play together, one could easily drop the others off the flea wagon if you’re not careful,

You’ll want to set up some kind of program for your dog/dogs, to make sure you never have to suffer the little pests again,

Don’t take this step lightly, if you’re not organized about the prevention business, you may very well end up with the same problem again, you don’t know where your dog is more than half the time, so you can only control this, if you organize yourself.

This a link for a decent grooming schedule I found online, you might wanna check it out:

  1. Suck up those suckers
  • Vacuuming your dog has proven very effective over the years, not just in cleaning up loose hair, but also as a method of prevention against pests from thriving in it’s hide, such as pet fleas

You don’t need to do anything fancy here, just a quick vacuuming of the fur once every 2-3 days, in doing so, you’ll make sure your dog loses any extra fur it’s shed, which these little guys can use for very comfortable homes,

Not only your dog, make sure you vacuum where your dog stays, where it lays and plays, doing so will assure that you have gotten rid of as many of those tiny eggs and larvae as you can.

Of course, you can’t use your slandered vacuum to do so, if you’re vacuum doesn’t have a special attachment, this is a good example to get you underway:

  • Washing,..duh!
  • Another old as time practice, washing your dog is a pivotal act in keeping it hygienic and pest free,

I’m sure you do this already, and you don’t really need to make any drastic changes to how and when you wash your dog, and if you have a dog that likes a good bath, you are very much in luck, some shampoo products out there can help rid you of fleas in only a 10-minute soak and with regular washing, you can make sure they don’t come back,

It is worth noting though that you will need to wash your dogs belongings, toys, bedding, blankets, etc..,

Just make sure you do it in hot or soapy water, heat and soap are very effective in clearing out all sorts of unwanted pests, not just fleas,

I’m sure it’s already on it, but be sure to keep washing on your schedule.

If your dog is the kind that makes a mess every time you get it in the bathroom, you might wanna consider using one of those combination bath-groom tools,

This here is a good example:

  1. Coconut oil
  • As simple as it says, coconut oil has been found to be very useful in keeping all forms of pests away from your dog, it has been found to be a natural fleas killer, in addition to the positive effects it will have on your dog’s skin and hair,

All you need to do is just rub your dog’s fur once or twice a day with coconut oil and those little pests will not have as much interest in your dog as they used to.

  1. Trim the hedges.
  • Again, this is as much a process for you as it is for your dog, keeping your yard clean is very important, it’s where your dog spends most of its time,

Mow your lawn, rake up the leaves and the clippings, they can be home to all sorts of bugs and pests, not just fleas, hang your mats and your rugs in the sun from time to time,

Learn how to clean your dog’s hair in 4 easy steps here.

Again and again, the environment in which your dog thrives is very important in this process of prevention, it’s ridiculous to think that you can control all of it’s surroundings, but please do your best to control whatever you can.

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And last but not least,

  1. Druuuuugsssss….
  • You might have heard of medical tablets and magic collars and all sorts of easier ways to keep fleas away from your pet and needless to say some of them actually work, However, the good ones can be quite expensive and not all of them are safe for your dog,

Some tablets claim to rid your dog of fleas in as low as a few hours, which can only raise concern as to what they contain or what they actually do inside your dog, which is why the natural method is still my choice of action,

Either way,

Fleas, ticks and all kinds of pests can be a real pain for your dog if left unchecked and can cause all sorts of no good,

For one, they are bloodsuckers, which means, they suck the nutrition right out of your dog, which puts your dog in danger of Anemia, leading to pale gums, less activity, and a generally weaker frame,

Their saliva can cause skin allergies for your dog, allergies which lead to severe itching and scratching  especially around the tail, the groin or the back side, such scratching would eventually lead to scabs on your dog’s skin or even bumps around its neck,

It can even go as serious as worm infection, should your dog have enough skill and luck to actually catch and eat one of those pests, it can cause an infection which eventually leads to tapeworms which can be detected around your dog’s anal area or in their feces.

So please, don’t snooze out on this one, if your dog has any of the symptoms above, pick one or two acts from the list and get to work on it, whichever is easier for you, if you can do it all, great,

Protect your dogs from fleas and ticks is the most convenient CHEMICAL FREE way by trying this:
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Just make sure you take good care of your furry friend, share this with any friends that might need it and if you have any questions, strike me down in the comments below.

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