Top 7 Dog Breeds Good with Cats

Top 7 Dog Breeds Good with Cats |

Dog breeds good with cats, Would you like to expand the family and adopt a dog? Yes, but according to ancestral myths, dogs and cats would have been formidable enemies since time immemorial, who would voraciously fight their place in the home.

The perfect understanding and the excellent cohabitation will depend on the education of the cat and the dog, the character of each one, as well as the indispensable presentations. But for your convenience, there is evidence that some breeds of dog are more likely to get along immediately with his roommate cat. Indeed, some breeds of cats are known to love dogs.

Dog Breeds Good with Cats

Dog Breeds Good With Cats

“They are like dog and cat”: when you hear this expression, you certainly assume that it is not about the best friends in the world.

Where does this myth that cats and dogs come from our sworn enemies? Can this cliché give way to misunderstandings? Is it possible for a dog and a cat to live in the same house and be happy as well

Are you more like a cat? Or do you prefer to have a dog as a pet? For many animal lovers, it is not easy to answer this question.

On the one hand, they love the independence of these domestic tigers, On the other, they appreciate the faithful company of dogs.

Do you think you have to choose between a dog and a cat? Do not slap! Many people with experience with pets prove that dogs and cats can become good friends. But on the condition of good socialization and adaptation step by step! Let’s go for a successful dog and cat cohabitation!

Top 7 Dog Breeds Good with Cats

Dog Breeds Good with Cats

1. The Pomeranian Lulu: real stuffed animal, this dwarf spitz, very soft is the size of an adult cat. Very cuddly, he will be pampered by the cat who will become like his brother.

Dog Breeds Good with Cats

2.Basenji: often compared to a cat because of its very calm and independent character and its beauty habits (he licks himself to wash), make him a canine roommate of choice. So your cat and Basenji can talk grooming all day.

Dog Breeds Good with Cats

3. The Carlin: very cuddly and calm, the pug adapts without worries to all lifestyles. Thus, cohabitation and sharing of the basket will happen very serenely.

Dog Breeds Good with Cats

4. The Yorkshire Terrier: Almost the same size as a cat, Yorkshire is a very friendly little animal with humans and other animals. During your long hours of absence, he will particularly like the company of his new feline friend.

Dog Breeds Good with Cats

5. The Cavalier King Charles: with his reputation of having a big heart and a good character, this dog has the family spirit and adapts very well with the company of the cat.

Dog Breeds Good with Cats

6. The Butterfly Spaniel: just like the pug, this docile little dog, calm and teasing, will live with pleasure in companies of the little feline.

Dog Breeds Good with Cats

7. The Basset Hound: quiet, calm and easy going, this dog will enjoy the company of a cat and will share without problem his favorite soft toys

Dog Breeds Good with Cats

What dog breeds are best suited with cats

  • The Labrador Retriever.
  • The Boxer.
  • The Pug.
  • The Butterfly Spaniel.
  • The Basenji.
  • Newfoundland.
  • The Yorkshire terrier.
  • The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Medium dog breeds that like cats           

The Boxer: very playful, the boxer will be delighted to have fun with the little cat of the house, while sharing his toys. A heavy sleeper, he will love to pamper the side of the sweet cat.

Large dogs that are good with cats

The Labrador Retriever: he loves the company of other dogs, humans and … Felines.

Newfoundland: giant dog, big teddy bear … With its imposing stature, it could impress and scare all cats in the neighborhood, but on the contrary, this big dog with artichoke hearts will be delighted to serve as a giant stuffed animal and cozy pillow to felines.

Dog breeds that get along with cats

The phrase “get along as dog and cat” is not always true. Indeed, there is a large number of doggies that get along perfectly with our feline friends, but unfortunately, many people still hesitate to pass the course. While some breeds are known not to get along well with other animals, for others, it’s quite the opposite

Are you looking for the best dog for your family, a doggie that will entertain kids and thrive in your environment? Here’s a handy guide that will help you choose your future and faithful four-legged companion!

Best dog breeds for cats

  • French bulldog: one of the best dogs for your family!

If you’ve ever seen a bulldog frolic happily with children or curl up near his old master, you’ll find it hard to believe that only 150 years ago, his ancestors specialized in bullfights in England, hence his English name of Bulldog or bulldog.

  • The British Bulldog, more robust than this one, was bred for his fighting spirit and his courage. His bloody prowess against the bulls delighted the spectators. When British groomers moved to France around 1850, they took their bulldogs. Mixed with other breeds of dogs, they became smaller and gave the French bulldog, more docile.

This muscular beast proves to be an ideal dog for the whole family. He needs to be loved and adapted to those with whom he lives. Children love their energy at play, while seniors are comforted by their dedication.

This bulldog hates the heat and is vulnerable to sunburn. He needs to go out at least three times a day and requires a long walk a week. It should be brushed every day at the time of molting and give it a bath once every two months. Examine your eyes regularly because bulldogs are prone to glaucoma. The birth in this animal is sometimes difficult because of the big head of the puppy. Cesarean delivery is then required, but in this case, puppies must be bottle-fed.

Fun fact: The bulldog was a proud symbol of the British Empire.

  • The beagle is the perfect dog for the family

Of a kind disposition, the beagle proves to be an excellent dog for the family. Like a little fox, the beagle is an indefatigable hunter, particularly good at hunting big and small game.

It is believed that its name comes down from the word Celtic beag which means small. There was a time when he could nestle in the pocket of a hunting jacket. Its size has grown, however, and some very large specimens seem to be part of a totally different breed. Rather than flushing out the hare or the white-tailed bunny, these huge Beagles chase leopards and jaguars.

If you get a beagle trained to live in a pack, he will need canine companions and lots of exercises. It is a robust dog; you will only have to worry about his long ears that need to be cleaned regularly. Brush your fur thoroughly at least once a week to rid it of dust and dead hair.

Fun fact: The beagle has a surprisingly melodious bark

Cat friendly dogs’ “evolution”

The history of cats is diametrically opposed in comparison with that of dogs. Dogs belong to the “canids”, a family of mammals. In this family, we find not only wolves but also bears and even walruses. They are not very close to cats … which belong to the family of “Felidae”. It is not surprising, then, that dogs and cats need time to befriend each other and that they have to accompany them so that everything goes well.

The body language of dogs and cats The social behavior of cats is incomparable to that of dogs. This is reflected in their body language, based on instincts and habits millennia. We humans have come to appreciate the dogs’ enthusiasm when wagging their tail, which we consider a “friendly” sign. This sign is to be differentiated from the irritated wriggling of the cat’s tail. Dog and cat react so instinctively. Learning “foreign languages”, the languages of one and the other, is relatively difficult for them. They must first understand that their roommate cat or dog belong to other species and they do not communicate like them

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