Cutest Cat Breeds That Deserve Your Love

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The Cutest cat breeds that exist across the galaxy? Coming right up.

Saying something is cute or adorable can be a rather subjective thing to do. Some people may find big head-to-body ratio cute. Others may find huge eyes adorable. What about the Cutest cat breeds?

Simple enough to say cute does not equal small.

Small cats are adorable with their tiny paws and squeaky voices. But large cats with their quiet purrs and gentle characters can be just as cute.

Whatever the case, I deem each and every single one of the upcoming felines the Cutest cat breeds ever, so lean back and enjoy the read.




Cutest cat breeds Persian Himalayan
A Persian Himalayan ( Looks like the long-haired version of my cat, Ozpin)

A true favourite in the world of Cutest cat breeds. They are not only known for their long/haired fluffy fur coat that comes in various colours, but also for their very round eyes. There are so many descendants from this breed, that I could write a whole article only about them.

Persians are a good breed to include into your family as they are calm and can add a relaxing vibe to your home. They can be good with children too.


2. Abyssinian

Cutest cat breeds Abyssinian
An Abyssinian cat being cute


These unique felines are top notch athletes and acrobats. A true outdoor cat that is very curious and adventurous.

However, strangely enough, these cats are an absolute unit with children. They love them! Often you can see these cats following your little ones around the house in order to protect them.

Additionally, they love learning new things. You can let your children teach them how to fetch for example. This is double rewarding as your little ones can see their work paying off.

Their sandy brown fur coat is good camouflage in the wild. Like many other cats on this list, their key features are their big ears and eyes. Don’t they just look adorable?



3. Maine Coon

Cutest cat breeds Maine Coon
A rare black Maine Coon ( This one looks a little similar to my other cat, Vanta).


When I first started writing I didn’t know very much about Maine Coons.

Now they are definitely one of my and my husbands favourite.

They are the number one in domesticated large cat breeds worldwide. And number three in the Cutest cat breeds (NOT RANKED ACCORDING TO PREFERENCE). This impressive feline is well known for it´s social and gentle nature, which has earned it its nickname “the gentle giant”.

These very intelligent cats need a lot of protein in their diet as they require a lot of energy to move around. Being big takes alot of energy afterall.

Appearance-wise they have a prominent ruff on their chests, strong bone structure, rectangular body shape, two differently layered coats with longer guard hairs with a silky satin under layer undercoat, and a long, bushy tail.

Basically, they are like a huge, fluffy pillow that will provide top notch cuddles.



4. Ragdoll


Cutest cat breeds Ragdoll Cat
An adorable Ragdoll cat relaxed on a chair.

As their name may suggest, they are one of the Cutest cat breed.

Like many other cats on this list, Ragdolls have a stunning coat. White and creme fur, as well as crystal blue eyes, are the standard for this beautiful breed.

Ragdolls are affectionate, intelligent, gentle, and an easy-to-handle lap cats that love following you from room to room. They are extremly loyal.

Ragdolls are mostly bred for their desirable traits, such as their large size, gentle demeanour, pointed colouration, and a tendency to go limp when picked up.

The last one not necessarily being an advantage for the cat.

Great news though! In recent years, breeders in the UK have tried to “breed out” the limpness of Ragdolls. They say it may not be in the best interest of the cat, so they want to do something about it.




Cutest cat breeds Sphynx kitten
Sphynx kittens doing what they do best: being cute.
Cutest cat breeds Sphynx cat
A Sphynx cat


Hairless cats deserve love too!

Despite not being a hypoallergenic cat as many people may think, Sphynx (also written as Sphinx) cats can still bring home the trophy.

The Sphynx cat is unique in character and looks. Due to its hairless appearance, it has gained popularity with households that don’t like excess hair on their clothes which is understandable.

Named after the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, these cats are treasured for their loyalty and lack of hair. Let’s be honest: No one likes cat hair on their furniture.

Besides, don’t you think their appearance really brings out their loving eyes?

Furthermore, they are extremely friendly and simply adore cuddling their favourite people in the world (ie. You).

These felines definitely belong to the Cutest cat breeds in the world.




Cutest cat breeds Tonkinese act
A stunning Tonkinese cat.

To be completely honest, I sometimes am a little concerned with the spelling of some of these cat breeds.

Nonetheless, Tonkinese cats are the purrfect companion for a fairytale princess.

This breed is a cross breed between a Burmese and a Siamese. That is a 100 marks on the appearance scale.

Furthermore, they enjoy heights and do love a good game of fetch. They are described as having “dog-like” characters and a gentle purr, similar to that of their Burmese relatives.

Tonkinese cats always have different coat patterns. This is thanks to their genetic variation. Additionally, it also means this beautiful breed comes in all stunning colours that a Burmese or Siamese would.

Last but not least, they are intelligent and people-oriented and a great choice for active families.




7. Bombay

Cutest cat breeds Bombay cat
A loveable Bombay cat

I have to honestly say that this is the Cutest cat breed of all time for me.

Is it because they share the name with the Restaurant where my husband often takes me out to dinner?

Is it because they look like our Vanta? ( She is a stray though, so I am not sure.)

Is it because I have a great love for all coloured cats, sppecially the ones taht used to be shunned because of superstioniouns and old wives tales?


The answer is yes to all of the above.


This little black panther loves games. Being one of the most loyal cat breeds, they often like exploring their home on their owners shoulders. This vantage point allows them to see things they couldnt have seen from the ground level before.

So, it comes with no surprise that Bombay cats enjoy sitting in high places or finding out new tricks to move around their territory.

Last but not least, this cat is also 100% good at giving cuddles and being a loyal companion.

Honestly, I will probably write an entire article about these beauties sometime soon, mostly because of how much I love them.


This was my list of the Cutest cat breeds , but like all cats are amazing and different, so are people. Tell me what your favourite cat breed is and if you have pictures of you and your furry companions let me know in the comments. read you next time!


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