Owner Fails to “Declaw Cat”, Throws The Cat Out of the Car & Runs Away!

Owner Fails to "Declaw Cat", Throws The Cat Out of the Car & Runs Away! |

An abused cat was thrown out of the car in the cruelest way ever. To know more about the story, check the

This incident happened while an Alabama woman was driving and saw a cat being thrown from the car window.

She was going to accidentally run over the cat; but, she stopped before doing so. The woman then picked up the cat who was in a terrible condition and took her to the vet.

Once, they arrived at the clinic, the vet examined the cat and found that their paw has been burned.

Owner Fails to "Declaw Cat", Throws The Cat Out of the Car & Runs Away! |
Credited: Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue

Upon looking at the injury, at first, doctors thought that the Mercy’s, the 2-year-old cat, paws have been burned with fire.

However, they inspected the injuries more closely and found out that Mercy’s paws have been declawed and then covered with a burning chemical agent; A cruel action indeed.

This burning chemical agent removed the padding in Mercy’s paws leaving Mercy with incredible pain.

Because the pain was too much, Mercy has also chewed on their paws as a way to relieve the pain.

The cat has chewed on all four paws to the point that tendons were showing.

Many animals do this behavior when they are in pain and want to stop it so they start licking and chewing on the painful areas.

Mercy’s injuries were so bad that the doctors thought, at first, to amputate Mercy’s paws.

However, the cat’s paws were so infected that they couldn’t perform surgery unless the infection is first treated.

So, to treat Mercy’s injuries, doctors started to give Mercy antibiotics and pain medicine.

They also wrapped the cat’s four paws in a solution that will help regenerate some of the tissues that were damaged.

Owner Fails to "Declaw Cat", Throws The Cat Out of the Car & Runs Away! |
Credited: Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue

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