3 Sounds Dogs Hate And How to Deal with That

sounds dogs hate

Dogs are not only very smart, but they’re also very strong. However, strength is an asset that can coexist with fear. This might be shocking to some, but it is nevertheless very true.

Just because someone is brave, smart, and strong, it doesn’t mean that they can’t experience or feel fear.

Just like all creatures, dogs can get scared despite their strength and bravery. Today, I am going to discuss three sounds dogs hate and how to deal with that.

3 Sounds Dogs Hate And How to Deal with That |

Sounds dogs hate: Sound number one

The sound of thunderstorms

Let us be honest, even as adults, some of us get a jolt of panic when the first thunder strikes.

We’re grown-ups who understand why thunderstorms happen or at least can acknowledge that it is happening outside of the house and that we can carry on doing whatever tasks that we’re supposed to be doing inside.

sounds dogs hate

Dogs on the other don’t understand what’s going on and thus remain in a Panic mode for an extended period, if not the entire duration of this thunderstorm.

It makes sense that they stay scared. Imagine walking on a street, and loud noises start to take place, but you can’t register what’s going on or why it is happening.

But is there anything that we could do to make our dogs feel a little bit safer and a little bit less antsy during a thunderstorm?

Fortunately, yes!

If your dog runs away to hide under tables, or in any closed areas in your house to feel any sort of security, then let them do that. It is their way to deal with such a stressful situation, so it totally okay to let them do this.

But remember what we mentioned in my How to Crate Train A Dog with Separation Anxiety blog post? Don’t reward undesired behavior, so don’t attempt to soothe your pet too much.

I am not saying that you must ignore your four-legged best friend when they’re in pain, that would be so cruel.

I am just advising not to overdo it with the soothing because your dog might understand that showing fear is a rewardable action because. In their eyes, we’re actually encouraging their fear.

A healthy way to continue to soothe your dog during a thunderstorm is to attempt to distract them with another noise that they’re used to and that they can find its source.

Turn on your tv or play some tunes on your phone because this could help redirect their focus and panic of the unknown, to the background, sourcable noise instead.

Another way to distract them is to play with them their favorite game, which includes giving them some treats every time they engage with you during this playtime.

I wouldn’t recommend giving them treats as a distraction, cause again, that would be like rewarding an undesired behavior and sending the wrong message to our precious four-legged best friends that we’re encouraging them to continue on being scared.

3 Sounds Dogs Hate And How to Deal with That |

Sounds dogs hate: Sound number two

The sound of fireworks

The RSPCA ( Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) conducted a research that concluded that forty-five percent (45%) of dogs are scared of fireworks.

sounds dogs hate

Like with thunderstorms, dogs get scared of fireworks because they can’t understand what’s going on. The same tips apply, but I am going to give you an extra piece of advice here.

Of course, you want to make sure that all of the windows and doors of your house are closed.

Turn up the volume of the TV to offer your dog a distraction and bring them their favorite toy. I have previously mentioned how you shouldn’t just give them treats cause this might encourage their fear, but I have a solution for this.

If you’re not new to this blog, then you know how much I love to talk about kongs! What makes kongs so great is that they are a chewing toy and a treat holder at the same time.

This means that you can help your poor little dog calm down by offering them a chewing toy that’s full of their favorite, yummy treats. By doing so, they’re getting treats as a reward for playing and not for being scared.

3 Sounds Dogs Hate And How to Deal with That |

Sounds dogs hate: Sound number three

The sound of a vacuum

Unlike all of the previous sounds, the sound of a vacuum is something that dogs can source, and most importantly, it is something that we can control.

3 Sounds Dogs Hate And How to Deal with That |

You might wonder why would vacuum noise be one of the sounds dogs hate when they can see where that noise is coming from. It is a valid point, especially that the sound is definitely not as loud as thunderstorms.

Well, dogs have a keen hearing, so the noisy sound of the vacuum might just be inconvenient for you, but it is actually very annoying to dogs. Vacuums also produce sounds that are high in frequency that tend to terrify our dogs.

I am going to give you a mini guide to help you teach your dog not to be so scared of the vacuum.

First, we’ll start by not storing the vacuum away in a closed area. Leave it in the open, so your dog can go explore it and understand that this tool is not a threat to them.

The second thing that you should do is place it horizontally and not standing up. This way, it wouldn’t look as tall, and thus less intimidating.

The third thing that you should do is place some yummy treats and one of your dog’s toys on the vacuum, so they get even more comfortable around it.

Now, we start turning the vacuum on for short periods of time, then turning it off immediately. Your dog is still going to get scared of the vacuum, but the previous steps have planted a seed of curiosity in them.

Then, turn the vacuum on again, leave it stationary, and walk away. Your dog might start walking towards it slowly.

You could make a trail of treats that lead to a bowl of treats right in front of the vacuum, and thus encourage your dog to take such a brave step towards being less scared of the vacuum’s noise.

The sound is still going to be annoying, but at least they’ll grow to be less intimidated and scared of it.

3 Sounds Dogs Hate And How to Deal with That |

That’s it for today’s post. You should now know how to react when you see your dog scared of a specific sound. If you have more questions about sounds dogs hate, then feel free to leave them in the comments down below.

What sounds scare your dog the most? Have we missed one that should have been mentioned in this blog post? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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