19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time!

Toxic Dog Foods

The ❤️️love❤️️ we have for our dogs is out of this world and the enjoyment of having them by our side every day is amazing.

Dogs are considered more than just pets, they are part of our family and keeping them healthy and safe is our duty.

In this article, we gathered all the questions pet owners ask themselves every day. If you are a new dog owner and wondering if you could feed your dog human food, if you ask yourself if cheese is good or bad for dogs? can a dog eat a sweet potato? is banana bad for dogs? if you simply ask yourself What can I feed my dog other than dog food?  We will answer all your questions in this article.

The most common dog toxic food questions every pet owner asks

Is there any food that dogs cannot eat? ABSOLUTELY YES!!

Check out this infographic by Herepup.com:

To make sure you are caring for your dog, there is a huge list of food you shouldn’t feed your dog, and also a huge list of myths! one bite from your plate could be harmless or could cost you a trip to the vet immediately!

Please, check below the most common dog toxic food questions to learn what your dog cannot eat at any cost and the types of food that you should be extremely cautious while offering your dog.

And Most Common Dog Toxic Food Questions are:

 1. Can dogs eat apples?

Dog Toxic Food

Apples are a really great treat for your dogs which clean their teeth and contains a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, and fibers which are great for our dogs’ health. Apples also freshen’ up your dog’s breath

However, apple seeds could be really toxin for our dogs as they contain a chemical Amygdala which is extremely poisonous when processed.

Don’t panic! one seed or two is not an issue but the larger the quantity, the bigger the risk of getting food poisoning, so why risking our dogs’ health, just take out the seeds and the core of the apple and let your pooch enjoy a tasty healthy treat.

2. My dog ate an avocado, is it poisonous?

Dog Toxic Food  Avocado

We all know how tasty Avocados are, how we use them in different forms and how they give food a special amazing taste.

Although they are great for us and really healthy, they have major side effects on our dogs and may cause severe heart condition issues such as congestion and also the well-known symptoms of food poisoning, which includes vomiting, diarrhea, and high body temperature. It is considered on the top list of worst dog food to avoid. 

A little portion of avocados won’t be as that harmful, but avocados can cause some major issues for some small dog breeds. So if your dog ingested any portion of avocados, take them to the vet right away as avocados are placed under the category of forbidden food for dogs.

3. Can my dog eat candy?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

All the kinds of candy are indeed dangerous for dogs as they contain a high level of sugar quantities and they can have a major effect on the digestive system that will lead to diarrhea as well as vomiting.

If candies were consumed in a really large quantity, they will be fatal and will cause liver malfunction as well as diabetes. So if your dog ever consumes a large number of candies, run to the vet immediately!

4. My dog ate toothpaste, should I take him to the vet or he will be ok?

Dog Toxic Food Hygiene

All hygienic products such as mouthwashes and toothpaste are harmful to humans if we swallowed a large amount of them as they are not meant to be swallowed in the first place, but dogs don’t know this information.

If something tastes good, they will swallow it so be careful if you spill some on the floor, clean it immediately and don’t let your dog approach it.

Moreover, keep in mind that brushing your dog’s teeth is good to keep them healthy but use a specially made toothpaste for dogs.

5. So my dog decided to eat my cat’s food, should I worry?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

Come on people, seriously you’re going to feed cat food to dogs! Let me explain why this is harmful and doesn’t make any sense. Cat’s food contains substances such as fats and protein that are made only for cats as per lifestyle and body textures.

Dogs, however, have a different lifestyle and diet, they cannot consume the same amount as cats that’s why it will cause them to become obese and might cause the dog to have a non-stable stomach activity and inflammation in the pancreas in some cases, so I recommend buying dog food for dogs, not cat food.

6. Can a dog eat chocolate?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

It is a well known and the most famous hazard of all time that chocolate is really poisonous for dogs and might harm them no matter what was the portion, it is totally on the top ten forbidden food for dogs and the most popular dog toxic food. So why exactly is chocolate poisonous?

Well, chocolate contains a high amount of caffeine, sugar, and Theobromine, which leads to a major increase in heart rates. Chocolate really affects the nervous system negatively, causes the known food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and high body temperature. Overall any extract of the cocoa bean should not come near your dog no matter what type of chocolate form it is.

If you think your dog digested a large or medium amount of chocolate then your dog needs medical attention right away.

Although if the portion is not too much, just monitor your dog for any of the symptoms mentioned if nothing of the above appears to happen, then it passed safely but better take care next time.

7. Is coffee bad for dogs? I spilled some the other day, and my dog licked it and seemed to be enjoying it!

Dog Toxic Food  Coffee

Caffeine is considered life-threatening to dogs, it causes severe damage to your dog’s nervous system and increases blood pressure, in addition, a noticeable increase in the heart rate level which may lead to fatal disability or maybe death.

Your dog should be taken to the vet immediately within the golden hours which is before 2 hours from the ingestion as from one to two hours the symptoms start to occur. If your dog drank an unattended coffee or teacup take, you should take them immediately to the vet and don’t wait for the symptoms.

8. I give my dog a corncob to chew on, is this bad?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

Giving your dog corn is healthy, but giving them a whole Cob to chew on is really dangerous. As it will lead to fatal intestinal issues such as; blockage and it might require surgery to be cured and if it wasn’t noticed and cured as soon as possible, this might lead to death, so just feed your dog the correct amount and don’t be generous when it comes to food.

9. I cut tiny pieces of garlic in my dog’s food to make it tasty for him, should I stop doing that?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

Cutting small slices of garlic is not bad for your dog, it even helps them in a lot of common issues such as fleas.

However a large quantity of garlic can be seriously dangerous for your pooch so, learn how much garlic is good for dogs or ask your vet for the correct amount of garlic that your dog can digest and do not exceed that limit no matter what to avoid any health hazards such as vomiting or and issues in the respiratory system.

10. Can dogs eat grapes? 

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

Grapes are a well-known dog toxic food, a handful of grapes can lead to fatal and dangerous health problems and even death, even a small portion such as one grape grain might cause vomiting and strong illness in dogs. 

Never give your dog grapes and if accidentally ingested any quantity rush to the vet immediately, it is on the top ten list of things you shouldn’t feed your dog.

11. Are human vitamins bad for dogs?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

The vitamins that human use contains much more minerals that dog cannot handle so they will cause an overdose of minerals in their body which might cause some fatal illness so you must not give your dog human vitamins; there are special vitamins made for dogs stick with those.

12. I give my dog a daily meal of chicken liver, is it bad?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

Too much of anything is not good, chicken liver is really beneficial for your dog in small quantities as it contains a great amount of vitamin A but a large amount of it will cause issues in your dogs’ muscles and bones.

13. What happens when a dog eats cheese?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

Some dogs might be lactose intolerant when it comes to digesting dairy products or drinking milk, a small amount won’t have a large effect on your dog but a lot is not a good idea. Symptoms of over eating dairy product are diarrhea, vomiting and gas due to the intestinal distress occurred.

14. I mix some tiny bit of onions in my dog food to give it more taste, is it ok to do so or I should stop doing that?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

Onions are basically on the top list of food that is forbidden food for dogs because they will lead to a serious case of food poisoning, so avoid onions with all its forms and quantity, and keep it on your list of things you shouldn’t feed your dog

15. Is spicy food bad for dogs?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

Spicy food for dogs is never a good idea as it will have a major negative effect on their digestive system and might affect their smelling sense and give them an itchy feeling around the nose which is really discomforting for your dog as it is well known a dog’s nose is basically their life.

16. Is a sprinkle of salt on my dog’s food good or bad?

19 Top Dog Toxic Food Questions Dog Owners Ask All the Time! |

It’s well-known that salt will affect your dog harmfully whatever the quantity is, it can lead to several issues and food poisoning in a lot of cases as it contains a high level of sodium that your dog cannot process and might lead to vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases even death!

17. What is the tobacco effect on dogs?

Dog Toxic Food  Cigarettes

Tobacco was never a form of food for both humans and dogs but sometimes people leave the bag of tobacco unattended and your dog find their way to it, if you ever thought your dog has ingested any form of tobacco rush them to the vet immediately as overdosing on nicotine can be fatal and might lead to death for dogs.

18. My dog had a sip of wine, should I be concerned?

Dog Toxic Food  Alcohol

Alcohol is a really dangerous chemical for dogs; it can cause several fatal issues for instance; hard breathing issues, your dog might suffer from lack of oxygen and that might lead to a coma or even death, also alcohol might cause a high level of acid in the stomach which can be painful for humans and it’s much worse for dogs.

19. Can I feed my dog sweet potato?

Yes! Sweet potatoes are SAFE! As Long As They’re Not Raw because according to Daily Puppy raw sweet potato contains trypsin inhibitors, which reduce your pup’s ability to digest proteins. 

Overall, do not get weak in front of your puppies cute demanding-a-bite eyes, they love sharing food with you and love when you feed them with your own hands but be careful what you are giving to your pooch as it might be a high dog toxic food, also it will be really dangerous and fatal for them, just be sure before giving your dog anything that it won’t affect their health so you don’t regret it later and ask your vet for dog poisoning treatments available so you can act to serious case of food poisoning until you get the chance to go to the vet.

Make sure you share this article with all of your friends and family of dog owners to have some knowledge about the top dog toxic food and what is good and what is harmful to their dogs.

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