ANTIFLEA™: Tick Remover Tool For Dogs | Pet Flea And Tick Control

  • Keep your dog flea-free with this tick remover tool for dogs 

    Why do I need this?

    Our dogs are our precious family members and we would not allow anything to hurt them, especially these little blood-sucking tick and flea, these little demons could cause huge health issues to our adorable paw-friends.

    ANTIFLEA Will not only remove the tick and flea, but it will also kill them and take them out for good while combing your pet’s fur.

    Never again give these parasites a way to your home.

    Why get this excellent dog tick removal tool?


    Easy to use

    ANTIFLEA helps you to get rid of all the flea and tick easily without having to touch them with your hands, the comb collects the fleas on it and it is being released with the press of a button.


    Very Effective

    Forget about chemicals and expensive medications, this will work better with much less effort.


    Kill Fleas and Tick in Seconds

    It instantly kills and removes all the parasites within seconds. Just apply the comb on your pet’s fur and let it do its magic.



    Manually taking the flea and tick out with a couple of tweezers is not needed anymore, just use the comb and brush your paw-friend and the ANTIFLEA will do it for you.



    ANTIFLEA is really gentle on the skin will not cause any irritations or puncture through it.


  • how much noise does the item make?
    It makes hardly any noise at all

    Are the bristles very hard?
    They are fine tooth metal and are rigid 

    How would this handle thick, husky fur?
    The comb would get stuck, it's perfect for smaller to medium dogs

    How can this get rid of ticks on dogs?

    All you need to do is simply apply the comb and brush your dog’s hair as you would with any normal comb and it will kill these tiny insects instantly.

    How to get rid of fleas and ticks after killing them?

    I use tissues and remove them manually, it’s not the most hygiene or time-saving way, but I do it to make sure these bastards really are dead. You might have a different idea on how to get rid of ticks fast from the tool, but I wouldn’t recommend cleaning it with water since I don’t know if it’s water-proof or not, also, I really want to make sure they’re dead.

    Does this work for cats?

    You can consider this to be a pet flea and tick control tool, so you can use it for cats and they will work just as well as they do with dogs.

    Can I use this for flea removal for cats?

    Yes, you can use this to clean your cats of fleas and ticks and they work just as well as they do with dogs.

    Can I use this for a Yorkie?

    I think so, I don’t see why not.

    Can the dog feel it? Is it painful?

    This dog tick remover tool is completely painless, and my dog has never even twitched while using it on him.