Multifunctional bed for dogs


Does your dog love to lay on your couch and damage it?

Get this dog bed that covers the couch and he/she has its own spot!

  • Washable, hand wash
  • Soft and breathable
  • For the couch, chairs, car, bed. Anything that needs covering
  • 3 colors and 4 sizes available





dog weight


27.6" / 70cm

17.7" /45

3.9" /10

< 11lbs / 5kg


33.5" /85 cm

23.6" /60

3.9" /10

< 22 lbs / 10kg


55.1" /140 cm

27.6" /70

4.7" /12

< 44 lbs / 20 kg


57.1" /145 cm

33.5" /85

4.7" /12

< 77 lbs / 35kg


Benefits of the Multifunctional bed for dogs 

  • This multifunctional bed for dogs helps keep homes clean in homes with shedding pets.
  • It’s a piece of furniture that is suitable for your dog providing them with a cozy place to rest in without soiling, shedding, or damaging furniture.
  • It fits most types of single sofas and coach seats.
  • It is easy to use because of its single piece design.
  • Simply put over any piece of furniture.
  • The Multifunctional bed for dogs helps prevent dog hair, spills, and dirty paws from ruining any piece of furniture.
  • It can be used on any piece of furniture such as a couch and is a washable cover that is easy to put and wash off.


FAQS about the Multifunctional bed for dogs

What are the package details?

This is the package details. The package weight is 0.49 kg. The package size is 20 cm * 15 cm * 6 cm.

What is the material used?

The material used in the multifunctional bed for dogs is cotton.

What are the colors of this multifunctional bed for dogs?

 The multifunctional bed comes in colors such as coffee, black, and rose.

What are the important notes to take care of when purchasing this product?

Make sure to measure your furniture and select the right size before purchase.

Is it suitable for other pets?

It’s suitable for other pets such as cats and puppies. Also, it is suitable for other types of pets.

How does it work?

While you are relaxing in your built-in massage chair, your dog can relax in the Multifunctional bed for dogs.

Simply, hang it down on chairs and sofas and it will protect the damage from your pet’s claws and paws.

Can it be used on the floor?

Yes, it can be used to be put on the floor where your dog will lay down comfortably. It’s like a dog’s built-in massage chair and bed.

Can you put it near the side of the bed?

This multifunctional bed is best suitable for sofas, chairs, and the floor.

Is it comfortable for your dog?

This multifunctional bed is made from soft and durable fabric that keeps your pet warm and comfortable.

Is it detachable?

Yes, it is detachable as you can easily detach it from the place that it is put in and wash it freely.