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 [short_description]With this luxurious design, animals can sleep comfortably in any position. And because the bottom is WATERPROOF, your floors are kept safe. We even bar-stitch the walls, keeping the filling in place while washing![/short_description]|[config]|

Looking for a cozy bed that’d treat your fur friend to the best? Need a high quality and durable bed for your pet? Provide your pet comfort, warmth and a sense of security with this Luxury Princess Bed!

• Enhances your pet’s behavior and overall health by helping them have better sleep.

• Perfect for cats, small dogs, and other pets up to 25lbs.

• Weight: 2KG

• From cuddling to sprawling, these luxury dog beds are flexible enough to accommodate any sleeping position!

• It helps ease joint pain and deliver head, neck and extra orthopedic support.

• Designed for convenience so It’s quick and super easy to clean.

• Feature a waterproof bottom.

• Made with only pet-safe materials, you’ll rest assured knowing our puppy beds are completely non-toxic! Stuffed with virgin AirLOFT fibers, it keeps its loft for up to 3 times longer than the second-hand fibers found in most other pet beds.

• Free USA shipping if you order today.

• Only $3.25 for international orders.

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Luxury Princess Bed for Pets to be Quality Premium Product.

You are Backed by Our Warranty too!

We Cannot Guarantee This Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!



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53x36x33cm, 62x51x38cm


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