Bouncing Ball with LED Lights and Music

You can put this amazing ball down and your pet will happily play until you take it away! 🐶❤️️

=Buy 2 and Get 1 for FREE!

Introducing the Bouncing Ball with LED Lights and Music

Benefits You Get:

    • This ball will bring a lot of fun and into your kids and pets' life. Even you will love to watch it wiggles and bounces while a lovable creature jumps around with joy.
    • It features a motorized gyro which produces unpredictable bumbling actions with lights. You will laugh a lot while it keeps deceiving and circling around with a captivating motion!
    • 4 inches diameter ensures it's caught and handled with comfort and ease.
    • Colorful LED lights and bouncing actions are highly interactive, attracting kids and pets to have fun for hours.
    • High-quality plastic cage with rubber outing for long lasting.
    • Suitable for pets and for kids ages 3 +
    • Free batteries included, easily replaceable. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How do you install batteries?
    Look closely at the ball itself. Around the ball are little notches you unclip 
    2. What is the annoying song this thing plays saying?
    I don't know, but annoying is an understatement! My kids have two going at once. 

    Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Bouncing Ball with LED Lights and Music to be Quality Premium Product.

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