World's Most Effective Dog Toothbrush Toy, Bristly Brushing Stick


World's Best Dog Toothbrush Toy: The Bristly Brushing Stick – Effective & Convenient Bristly Dog Toothbrush

No Stress, no effort. The Bristly Dog Toothbrush is the most convenient Dog Toothbrush stick you can get. 

Dental care and oral care are crucial parts of raising a dog, and dog dental care can be kind of tricky.

With the Bristly dog toothbrush, you don't need to worry about having your hands in their mouths and you don't need to train them to use it. 

Why get the Bristly Brushing Stick? 

  • The bristly brushing stick Encourages dogs to clean their teeth daily against serious health issues. Since it's a game, they don't feel like it's something they have to do, but rather as something they wantto do. 
  • Designed to clean teeth on both sides and is angled to fit comfortably in your pet's mouth
  • Self-dispensing toothpaste for cleaner teeth, Contains stabilizing base so that your pet can hold the toothbrush easier
  • Encourages pets to clean their teeth every day, Soft texture designed to be safe for your dog's gums.
  • Meat flavored toothbrush makes cleaning teeth an enjoyable experience for your pet and promotes chewing
  • The Dog Toothbrush Toy is a must-have for dog owners who want to keep their pet's teeth healthy and clean! Let Your Fur Baby to Take Care of its Oral Healthy Happy and Independent
  • The dog toothbrush toy nontoxic natural rubber silicone material. Bite resistant, bouncy, washable. Soft texture designed to be safe for your dog's gums.

Bristly Dog Toothbrush Stick FAQs

Is the bristly brushing stick made from natural rubber? 

It's made from a natural silicone material that's completely safe to use. It's completely safe for your dog to bite on it as it's bite-resistant, so it doesn't turn into pieces when your dog decides to stick his teeth into it. 

Can I use this for a medium-sized dog (a Golden Retriever, not fully grown yet)? 

Yes, I don't see why not. This is a great way to promote their dental health and make sure the dog dental health is the best it could be as they grow up. 

 Is this dog toothbrush safe to use? 

Yes, this bristly dog toothbrush is completely pet safe. It's made from food-grade natural rubber which makes it completely safe and causes no health risk whatsoever even if your dog sticks his teeth into it. 

My dog absolutely hates cleaning his teeth, will it be any easier with this toothbrush or will I just face the same problem? 

To answer your question simply: This time will be different. Why? because dogs chew instinctively. Dogs are like children, they discover the world around them with their noses and mouths. They smell things and chew on things. So they will do exactly that with this new toothbrush, and because they will find chewing on it pleasurable, they will start chewing on it every day, which will be the super easy tooth cleaning routine for your dog that you've been searching for. 

As for your dog hating cleaning his teeth, It's possible that something is hurting them ad they don't want you anywhere near the area or they could have had some bad experience in the past so they don't want to repeat the painful experience. Whatever the case may be, we recommend paying attention to the problem before it gets worse. 

Can this help me get rid of tartar on my dog's teeth? 

Yes. This Bristly dog toothbrush is great for cleaning tartar off dog's teeth. How quickly it can get rid of tartar completely depends on the severity of your dog's case. I had a dog with a mild case but he wouldn't let me get near his teeth, so I got him this Bristly toothbrush and was happily surprised to find his teeth getting whiter after two weeks of use, and he wasn't even using them this regularly. 

 Can I use these with my puppy? 

 Yes, I have two puppies and when I got two of this bristly toothbrush and the weirdest thing happened: They both took to it right away! This was amazing to me. 

How can I clean the Bristly Dog Toothbrush stick? 

You can easily clean the toothbrush with water and dishwashing liquid. If you're feeling lazy, you can just throw it in the dishwasher as it's completely dishwasher-safe. 

What Can I do if my dog doesn't like chewing on this bristly toothbrush? 

There's a very easy trick to get your dog to start chewing on this effective toothbrush; use peanut butter. Fill it with peanut butter and your dog will start chewing on it right away so he can get all the delicious peanut butter out of it. 

Dogs may need multiple sessions of chewing peanut butter so they are completely sold on it, but by then you can use flavored toothpaste and what's probably going to happen is that your dog will have liked chewing on it by then. 

My dog destroys everything, won't he simply destroy this bristly toothbrush stick? 

No, that will probably won't happen because this bristly toothbrush is made from very strong natural rubber that was created specifically for dogs, so it's made to be chewed on. You can feel safe and encourage your dog to chew it, it's durable and can take it. 

Can this Bristly toothbrush get rid of plaque? 

 Yes, dogs may need multiple sessions or even multiple weeks of chewing on this bristly toothbrush to completely get rid of plaque depending on how severe of a case it is, but it will definitely get rid of it. 

The best part is that this was made to be fun to chew on, so your dog can literally play the plaque away! 

 My dog's breath smell is terrible, can this Bristly dog toothbrush really help improve it? 

Absolutely, My dog's breath smell started improving considerably after just a few days of using this bristly dog toothbrush. 

How often should my dog dental chew on this bristly toothbrush? 

Just like humans brush daily, it's recommended dogs brush their teeth daily as well. Thankfully, this bristly toothbrush is a toy in your dog's eyes, so you don't need to do any tough work there. 

 How long does a bristly toothbrush often last? 

Considering they are quite durable and can withstand the constant grueling, you don't need to replace the bristly toothbrush this often. However, we still recommend you replace them every two to three months for hygiene reasons and just to be safe. Being safe definitely beats being sorry. 

If your dog is a very heavy chewer, the kind of chewer that would rip through like tires easily, we recommend replacing them each month. 

 I have a 70-pound pup with quite the bite, can they use the bristly toothbrush? 

Definitely. Just make sure to choose the right size from the three sizes listed above. We have made it easier to choose the right bristly toothbrush for your dog's size by mentioning the right size for your dog's weight. 

Do I have to supervise my dogs while they use the Bristly toothbrush stick? 

You don't have to, but we still think you should, at least at the beginning in order to make sure everything is fine. 

What kind of testing have the Bristly Toothbrushes for dogs been through? 

 In order to provide the best dental care safely, the Bristly dog toothbrush has been rigorously tested to make sure they are safe and good for cleaning any dog's teeth.

It was tested with large groups of dogs, and have been tested with the heaviest chewers and it lasted more than a month, which is way above average for this kind of dog toothbrush. 

 Can this Bristly dog toothbrush stick get rid of kibble teeth? 

Yes, it worked like magic with mine, and I've used coconut oil with them, but other methods may work with your dog. 

My dog licks everything, is this safe to lick? 

Yes, it's also completely safe to chew on it, and your dog will love it. 

How long should I leave my dog chewing on the bristly dog toothbrush stick every day? 

Five minutes a day of using this brushing stick should be more than enough, but if your dog likes it, I don't see any harm in letting them enjoy themselves a bit more. Simply add some peanut butter at the center and let them have a good time.