Foldable Swimming Pool for Dogs | Beat the Summer Heat


Let your dog enjoy some splashes on hot days with Dog Swimming Pool! 🐶💦

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Keep your dog safe from any possible heatstroke on hot summer days by getting them this foldable pet swimming pool. Your dog will be grateful not just for beating the hot summer but for spending fun time splashing the water and having fun!

Announcing the Foldable Swimming Pool for Dogs.

Benefits You Get:

  • Beat Summer Heat

It’s getting hotter day after day; as a dog parent, you’re worried your dog would get heatstroke. No worries! Your dog will beat the summer heat and enjoy splashing around for endless hours of fun.


  • Give Dogs Their Own Pool

This portable swimming pool will give your dog their own pool to enjoy to the maximum. It’s large enough, a diameter of 50 inches and 12 inches deep, to give your dog the widest space to move freely.


  • Use for Multiple Purposes

This foldable pool can be used for multiple purposes such as; baby bath, dog bath, outdoor pool for children and even as a fish pond.


  • Feature Sturdy Durable Material

This portable swimming pool folds up well and you can take it with you. It’s made of super sturdy PVC to provide the durability you deserve.


  • Don’t place the pool on rocks.
  • Don’t leave your dog or child without your supervision
  • Don’t leave the pool with water after using it; make sure to drain and fold it again to last for a longer time.


The Sink Strainer Filter / Enjoy a Hairless Bathtub

This sink strainer filter will provide you a hairless and clean bathtub by preventing objects from falling into the drainage and filtering hair so you can easily collect it!

Dog Swimming Pool FAQs

 1. How many gallons does this hold?

About 18 gallons.

2. Could kids use this also?

Absolutely!! This works perfectly as a kiddie pool, and some even refer to it as a kiddie pool for dogs.

3. Can I use this for other pets? 

I personally don't know of any other pets who like to chill in the summer by swimming in an indoor dog swimming pool, but sure, if it can be used for kids, it can be used for other pets.  

4. Is this plastic dog pool good for indoor use? 

This works as an indoor dog swimming pool, yes, but you should take care: some dogs are splashers

5. Can I use this indoor dog pool for multiple dogs? 

It depends; are they small or large dogs? It's great if you have a couple of small dogs or some puppies, and they will love chilling there together, but if you have a new foundland and a couple of German Shepherds, then I don't think this would be  a good idea. 


What You'll Get:

The package includes 1 foldable swimming pool and 1 Sink Strainer Filter

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Portable Swimming Pool to be Quality Premium Product.

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