SPECIALHOOK™: Custom Dog Hook Made from Solid Oak

Dog Shape

Everyone deserves something special in the house, make this custom dog hook with the dog’s name and their paw print in the house.

Hang your dog’s leash and collar with style on his own, custom-made dog wooden oak. Made from Solid Oak to look and feel premium, and with the dog’s name and symbol to make it his very own.

Benefits You Get:
  • Their Own Touch: everybody in the house has something that belongs to them. An image, a bed, or something with their name. Now it’s your dog’s turn. Give them something uniquely theirs.
  • Symbol and Name: Order it to be custom made with your dog’s name and symbol.
  • The Quality you desire: This Dog hook is made from Solid Oak to be durable and last for years with the same beautiful look.
  • The Breed Symbol: Choose your dog’s breed to have the symbol printed with their name.