NOBARKCOLLAR™: Citronella Dog Bark Collar | Anti Bark Spray Collar

The Citronella Dog Bark Collar is a safe and effective way of training your dog to stop barking

Train your dog to stop barking in a safe and effective way. These collars work remotely and can be used for most dogs effectively. They are more humane than the commonly used Shock collars and cause no long-term harm to your pooch. 

Benefits of the Citronella Dog Spray Collar 

  • Safe Collar: Unlike Electric Shock Collars, these are safe for your dog and will not harm them or make them fearful or aggressive.
  • Lightweight: The one bottle included weighs only 118g, they are very lightweight and will not stress your dog’s neck even if you train them for hours with them on.
  • Save Money, strengthen your bond:Dog trainers can be expensive. These collars allow you to train the dog yourself to not only save money but also make your bond with your pooch stronger.
  • Use it Anytime: They are water-resistant to enable you to train the dog even in the rain.
  • Low-Power Warning: The LED indicator will warn you when the collar is in low-power mode to recharge them.
  • Adjustable Spray Amount: Adjust the spray amount to meet your exact needs, very useful when the amount needed changes as your dog gets ahead in the training process.
  • Suitable for Most Dogs: The collars can be used for any dog that’s older than 6 months of age and weighs between 10 to 30 KG.
  • Comfortable fit: The adjustable strap can be adjusted to be a comfortable fit to your dog so they don’t get irritated while training from having it too tight or too loose.

Anti Bark Spray Collar FAQs


Do these need batteries? Do the batteries come included?

No, the dog spray collar is rechargeable via USB, so it needs no batteries. It comes with the USB cable bundled in the box as well. 

Can this work on an 8 lb MaltiPoo? 

The dog spray collar should work on any dog with no problem whatsoever. 

How do I know if it has enough battery? 

The LED light will let you know! If you see a flashing red light on the citronella dog bark collar, then it means you are about to run out of battery and need to recharge  it, but if the indicator is green, it means it has enough charge to go on for a while and you don't need to worry about batteries for the time being. 

How long does the can of citronella last on average? 

This is a tough question, and if you're expecting a definitive answer then I'm sorry to tell you there ain't one. It really depends on your usage, and how much do you use the collar. It took me quite a while to get through my first can, but I only used it for like two or three times a week, if you are going to use it more, which is something I don't recommend, then you should probably get a few cans ahead of time.