Cat Grooming Protection Mask


Easily bath or trim your cat or small dog in minutes - but never use it as an anti-bark or anti-meow!


Trimming your pet nails leaves you bitten every time? Ever wished it'd be easier to be able to do it better? That's why every pet owner tried it with this Cat Grooming Mask!

• Feel trustfully safe every time you trim your buddy's nails.

• Soft and breathable fabric for extra comfort.

• Feeling safe and getting your pet relaxed make trimming much easier and give you chance to do it professionally, and not accidentally hurt your fur buddy.

• Designed to effectively prevent biting, disorderly barking and eating indiscriminately or other problems.

• High nylon material, quite fit and durable.

• 3 sizes are available, Please check before ordering: - Size S: Neck 10-13.5inch, Cat weight: 0-5.5lbs. - Size M: Neck 11-14inch, Cat weight: 5.5- 11lbs. - Size L: Neck 11-15inch, Cat weight: Over 11lbs.

• Note: Use only with direct supervision. Do not leave cat muzzled for long periods of time.

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• Only $3.25 for international orders.

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Cat Grooming Protection Mask to be Quality Premium Product.

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