Multi-functional Cats and Puppies Bite Recovery After Surgery with Plastic Handle


This is all you need for your pet after surgeries.


Keep your pet safe while moving them from place to another after having a surgery. This product is a great helper when it comes to taking care of our pets. You can use it for so many uses such as; grooming, bathing, giving medicine and etc. 

Introducing this Multi-functional Cats and Puppies Durable Plastic Handle For your pets.

The Best Multi-Functional Anti-Scratch Bath Cage Ever Made!



    • Feature Multi-Functional Uses

    This product is the best helper for all pet owners who have troubles cutting nails, giving medicine, cleaning teeth, grooming, taking injections, and bathing.


    • Feature an Added Divider

    This cage comes with an added divider so your pet will have more space when they grow bigger.


    • Feature Firm and Durable Steel

    It comes witha convenient and solid carrying handle that makes it very easy for you to carry the cage.


    • Bath Your Cat Easily

    All cat owners have the same common problem; bathing their cats. This cage will enable you to give your cat baths whenever you want with no more scratches.


    What You'll Get:

    The package includes 1 Pc

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Does a 12 lb cat fit in the large cage?

    Yes. I would think so


    Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Cat Shower Cage to be Quality Premium Product.

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