Selfie Stick For Dog, Pooch Selfie

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Pooch selfie is a smartphone attachment that will let you take shooting your dog into a whole new level. It will let you win the selfie game every time so you can impress your social media followers, friends and family members with some stunning photos of your best friend.  If you’ve ever played fetch game with your dog, you’ll know how totally focused they get when you’re hanging a ball in front of their eyes which is kind of stimulating them and making them stare into your soul!

Pet selfie stick is Smartphone Attachment, easily install to any mobile phone and it is portable.


- Capture the most stunning photos: Elevate your selfie skills and impress your friends with your amazing dog photos.

- Feature innovation: The pooch selfie smartphone attachment is the first of its kind to make taking clear, focused pictures of you and your best four-legged friend a reality.

- Fit all dog breeds: Thanks to the included tennis ball with its bright color, this smartphone attachment will surely catch your dog’s eyes and keep them focused!

- Perfect for front-facing and rear-facing cameras: The pooch selfie smartphone attachment works perfectly with both front and rear camera so you can always enjoy more stunning shots.

- Easily to install: Simply snap the device to the top of almost any smartphone and insert the Pooch Selfie smartphone attachmentinto the cradle to instantly get your dog’s undivided attention.

- Substitute to any standard tennis ball: If one day, the tennis ball got lost or destroyed, you can easily use any standard tennis ball and it will do the work just perfect!

If you have an energetic dog, so you’ll sure know to capture a photo of them is kind of impossible and here comes the awesomeness of the Pooch Selfie Smartphone Attachment. So, get ready to take the best selfies with your best four-legged friends!


1-Are these available for a DSLR camera?

Unfortunately, it is only available for smartphones today. 

2-Will this work horizontally?

The Smartphone Attachment will work while taking selfies horizontally.

3-Will a treat or a toy of their fit in the holder instead of the tennis ball?

You can substitute any standard tennis ball if the included squeaking ball is lost or destroyed.

4-Does this only work with the iPhone?

It works for any phone that unless you have a huge bulky case.