K9 Security Chihuahua Cute Vest


Your Dog Will Look So Cool in This 

  • Feature full fearless coverage vest. 
  • Showcase your dog unique character.
  • Come in super soft and breathable material.
  • Come in a handy design
  • Enjoy some extra fun this summer



Are you planning to spend an unforgettable summer with your dog? If so, you’ll need to make sure your dog is cool and nothing is better than security Vest K9 Style; the best dog vest ever! It will let you make splash with your best four-legged friend.

  • Feature full fearless coverage vest.       

This dog security vest K9 style offers your dog a full coverage and a front neck to provide the maximum comfort to your dog.

  • Showcase your dog unique character.

In order to enjoy dog park activities, this vest showcases the unique character of your dog and make them visible and easy to spot.

  • Come in super soft and breathable material

Constructed from the softest and most breathable materials.

  • Let your dog show off!

Breaking the traditional style of Small dog vests, K9 security designed to make your dog look more beautiful, attractive, and show off.

  • Enjoy some extra fun this summer

This unique mermaid style will surely make your dog become the star while swimming, walking and other water-based activities, the design will catch eyes, give your beloved dog a new look and will let you enjoy extra fun time when boating, kayaking, hunting, surfing or just swimming in the pool.



Please, measure your dog before choosing the size. Please, allow sight deviation of measurement data due to different measurement methods.

Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy, and you’ll surely enjoy it more with your best friend. Keeping your dog safe is definitely your first priority that’s why you’ll need to get your dog one of these vests.  


1. What size is this? There are no options to select size?

I bought a medium for my Jack Russell and it fits her!

2. Would L work for a 40 lb. dog?


3. What size for a golden retriever?

Hi, this vest is for small dogs but we'll stock new big dogs vests soon!