Dog Shock Collar with Remote and LCD Display

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  • Does your dog not listen to you when you ask them something?

    Do you find trouble getting them on their best behavior? Well, we got the solution for you.

    Now, you can improve your dog’s behavior and teach them your house rules!

    You can also use this training collar as a temporary tool to teach your dog some new tricks.


    The Petrainer is the perfect introductory system for someone with no dog training collar experience. It's inexpensive, reliable and effective while providing all the features a higher priced model offers. Petrainer PET998DR-1BL offers a user the best in e-collar features, which are: vibration, shock, beep, and light. Vibration and shock functions come with an adjustable stimulation range of 0-100, ensuring this dog training collar will pinpoint the best stimulation level for your dog. With 330 yards (300 Meters) range, rest assured your collar will excel in the indoor, backyard and walks in the park training.  Design-wise, it's simple, easy to use and makes the learning process straightforward for a new user.


    • Collar Size: Able to fit small, medium, large dogs and puppies. 15 lbs or Larger. Durable and adjustable Nylon Collar Size Length from 14 to 24 inches long
    • Includes: One collar, Remote Transmitter can control up to two collars. (Extra collars are sold separately)
    • Uses: Our collars can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few examples: Basic Dog Obedience, Hunting, Digging, Aggressive, Barking, Jumping up, and bolting
    • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Batteries for Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter
    • Water Capabilities: Rain Resistant Collar Receiver 
    • Range: 330 Yards (300 Meters)
    • Tone/Vibration Options: 100 Levels of Vibration and 1 Level of Standard Tone 
    • Stimulation Levels: 100 Levels of Static Shock 
    • Power saving design with Automatic Standby and Memory Function 
    • Light Mode to assist seeing a dog in low light conditions
    • Easy to operate and ergonomic Transmitter 
    • Effective and safe training system with Auto-Protect Mode

    Benefits of dog shock collar with remote

    • It has a simple design featuring many benefits that accommodate the training method used by the user.
    • The electric dog training collar has a range of up to 300 yards equivalent to 300 meters. This long-range makes it easier to train your dog when they are outdoors.
    • This dog shock collar with remote also has various functions such as shock stimulation, vibration, beep, and light. These different training modes help in conducting methods to train your dog.
    • It helps with speeding up training because when it is applied, your dog will be startled and will be looking at you for what to do.
    • The intensity of the jolt can be controlled when your dog receives it so you don’t cause much discomfort to your dog. When your dog gets used to it and understands what it means, you can lower the intensity of the jolt a warning beep or vibration only.
    • You don’t have to be there to administer the shock as your dog will feel it at a distance away from you.
    • Shock collars are inexpensive making them an option for you if you are in a budget.


  • 1.) Are shock collars safe for dogs?

    They can be safe depending on how you, as a dog parent, use them. You must not use high jolt on your dog. This is the reason that it is important to let a dog trainer teach you how to use it so you don’t end up making your dog uncomfortable and cause confusion to your dog. Hence, it will badly affect how your dog learns.

    2.) Do shock collars work?

    Yes, they work by providing training to your dog by eliminating negative and unwanted behaviors such as food aggression, excessive barking, and being far from their dog parents. Shock collars help with letting your dog’s stay close to their dog parents while on a leash.

    Shock collars will let your dog associate the unwanted behavior with uncomfortable feelings that will make your dog stop doing this behavior altogether.

    3.) Do shock collars hurt dogs?

    Rather than hurting your dog, it only causes your dog to feel uncomfortable when doing certain unwanted behaviors so that your dog learns that these behaviors shouldn’t be done.

    The jolt that a dog receives from a collar isn’t painful at all rather they work to grab your dog’s attention and makes them a bit uncomfortable so that they can change their behavior.

    The most important thing is the proper use of shock collars. You should learn how to properly use the remote dog training collar for the best electric dog training with no harm to your dog’s wellbeing and training in general.

    4.) How do shock collars work?

    This electric collar works through producing an electrical shockwave every time a dog barks or do an unwanted behavior. An electric current passes through metal contact points on the collar to give your dog a signal.

    The trainer can use the shock collar through a distance using a remote control. This can happen from a distance when to a specific distance.

    5.) How to use a shock collar

    Steps on how to use the electric collar

    Step one: Read the instructions that come with the collar.

     It is important to read the instructions of the electric collar to know how to operate it

    Step two: Put the batteries in the collar and in the transmitter.

    Make sure the batteries function before you put them on your dog. Also, make sure it is turned off and set at the lowest setting before using it on your dog. 

    Step three: Attach the collar to your dog’s neck.

    You have to let the collar become tight enough that it doesn’t fall; however, it shouldn’t be too tight as it will cause your dog to feel uncomfortable.

    Step four: Have the collar on your dog before turning it on.

    Leave the collar on your dog’s neck before turning it on so your dog doesn’t think that there is a problem with the collar and not with their behavior. So for the first few times, leave it on without turning it on.

    Step five: Begin using your remote dog training collar

    Start at the lowest level of electric shock so you can observe how your dog will react. Your dog’s ears may twitch or they will move their head as a way to get away from the collar.

    Step seven: Reinforce commands your dog understands.

    Begin with the commands that your dog is familiar with such as sit and down. Ask your dog the command and see how they react. If they don’t respond then press the button on your dog shock collar with remote and repeat the command.

    6.) How to properly train a dog with a shock collar?

     To use this small dog shock collar with remote, you have to know how to use it properly. Most dog trainers know how to properly use the shock collar.

    You can either have your dog trainer show you for best electric dog training or you could follow certain tips.

    First, dog training is characterized into two categories: stopping unwanted behaviors and reinforcing certain behaviors.  You should only use them for this purpose and not for any other purpose such as punishing your dog or introducing new commands.

    Second, you got to familiarize yourself with how the dog shock collar with remote work.

    Third, you will need to fit the shock collar around your dog’s neck.

    Fourth, put the shock collar around your dog’s neck while it is turned off. Let your dog wear it for several days, no more than 8 hours per day for several days.

    Fifth, set the stimulation level of the shock collar. Start at the lowest level and see how your dog reacts. When your dog’s head tilt or their ears rises up a little bit, this is the level best for dog training. Stop immediately if your dog jumps up or yelps because it will hurt them.

    7.)  What are the modes in the dog shock collar with remote?

     It has a vibration mode that mainly vibrates when your dog does an unwanted behavior altering your dog’s behavior.

     Shock modes are also found in these devices where you give your dog a little shock that only makes them uncomfortable.

    Beep mode where your dog hears a beep when they do an unwanted behavior.

    Light mode in which you turn on light to see your dog if you are in a dark place.

    8.) What is the expected time for training a dog with dog shock collar with remote?

    You could actually train your dog within a week with this electric dog training collar to understand and get used to the shock collar. Because of its easy usage and great features, it works very well.

    9.) Does it work on Bull Terrier dogs?

    Bull Terrier dogs may need to turn it up a little bit but not too much as to not to cause them lots of discomforts. You got to ask your dog trainer about the recommended level for the small dog shock collar with remote.

    10.) If you have any questions regarding thedog shock collar with remote?

    Contact us at and we will provide you with instructions on how to get it.

    11.) Which is more effective in training the vibration mode or shock modes?

    Both are effective depending on your dog whether they are accustomed to the vibration mode or shock modes. Some dogs may still want to do what’s in their mind that they ignore the vibration mode. During this time, you can use the shock mode but use it carefully.

    Always consult with your dog trainer about the best suitable level that won’t cause your dog extra discomfort when applied.

    12.) Do many people trust this small dog shock collar with remote?

    Yes, many people love and trust it. There are instances where many people bought it that it was out of stock.

    Remember that it is best to use it carefully and not abuse it so it doesn’t cause your dog behavioral problems and confuse them. 

    13.) What dog size does it come in?

    It comes in different sizes such as S, L, M, XL, XS, XXL, and XXS. This makes it suitable for many different dogs’ sizes.

    14.) What are the product’s dimensions?

    The product’s weight is about 0.8 Ibs while the width is about 0.4. This makes it light so it doesn’t strain your dog’s neck and isn’t heavy making your dog comfortable.

    15.) Can you use it on puppies?

    Yes, you can use it on your puppy but make sure that they are not too young in age. For example, you can use it in a puppy that is 8 months of age and apply it when you want to enhance behaviors.