Rainbow Cat Charmer


 [short_description]This special Rainbow Edition of our popular Cat Charmer toy induces cat aerobics![/short_description]|[config]|

Do you love pampering your cat bringing them lovable toys? Do you want to ensure your cat is getting enough exercise? 

• Interactive toy that will keep your cat's interest at its highest level as the multicolored fabric bounces in front of your cat.

• Great exercise tool for your cat that helps them to stay fit.

• Four feet of rainbow patterned fleece securely attached to the wand.

• Strong handle can hold up to 30 LB and will not break or splinter during normal use.

• Handmade quality. Made in Wisconsin, USA.

• Provides excellent aerobic exercise.

• Safe interactive toy for all kittens cats and kids.

• Free USA shipping if you order today.

• Only $3.25 for international orders.

Our Customers Trust This Rainbow Cat Charmer to be Quality Premium Product.

You are Backed by Our Warranty too!