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Portable Dog Water Bottle

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This portable dog water bottle will give you the chance to meet your pupā€™s needs for water whenever they want. Lightweight, so you can easily carry it everywhere and it can also fit the carā€™s cup holder and bikeā€™s cup holders as well andĀ you can use this as Dog Travel WaterĀ BottlešŸ¶

This dog water bottle will keep your pup hydrated anywherešŸ¶šŸ¶

Benefits You Get:

  • Keep Your Pup Hydrated

The One-hand PortableĀ Dog Water Bottle will meet your dogā€™s drinking needs anytime to make sure they are hydrated and you will enjoy all the outdoor activities with your best furry friend.


  • Offer Fresh Water

This dog water bottle has a built-in filter so you can fill the cup with fresh, clean water and offer it to your pup.


  • Feature Safe Material

This dog water bottle is made from high-quality material thatā€™s BPA free to make sure no chemicals would harm your precious friend.


  • Convenient to Use

This one-hand watering bottle is lightweight and perfectly fit the carā€™s cup holder and the bikeā€™s cup holder. In addition, it features a leak-proof option so even if you carry it in your bag; you wonā€™t face any kind of mess or spills.

What You'll Get:

The package includes 1 item only.

Dog Travel Water Bottle FAQs:

1. HowĀ does thisĀ One-hand Watering Portable Bottle work?

Simply add fresh water, and keep your bottle in a vertical way, turn it horizontallyĀ for your dog to drink.

2. Can I also put dogĀ food, or treats in it?

No! but you can use theĀ Foldable Dog Bowl

3. Is it healthy?

Absolutely! We love to keep our dogs healthy & safe

4. Why is this better than a bowl? I am just wondering..Ā 

It's excellent for travel! I take my dog to training classes and he just loves water breaks, and as you can imagine, carrying around a water bowl isn'tĀ the most convenient thing. However, this portable dog bowl water bottle is perfect for the job.Ā 

5. Does it leak? I've had plenty of dog travel water bottles that leaked, is this one any different?Ā 

Oh yes, this one is very different. At first, I thought it was expensive, but once I started using it and come to truly appreciate the convenience of having something premium-made that just works as it should, I realized it was totally worth the price.Ā 

This Dog water bottle doesn't leak, even though I keep it in bags and take it on the road a lot.Ā 

6. I have a small Maltese, will she be able to drink out of this?Ā 

I have a small Yorkie and he doesn't seem to be having any sort of problems with it, so I guess your small Maltese won't either.Ā 

7. I have quite a large German Shepherd, is the container large enough for him?Ā 

I think so. From personal experience, I have a black lab and the container size is fine.Ā 



Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Dog Portable Water Bottle, to be Quality Premium Product.

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