SOFTESTBED™: Soft and Plush Bed for All Pets


  • Why do I need this?

    Security, Comfort, and Coziness are what every dog or cat is looking for when it comes to a place to sleep.

    Now, you can get a dog bed that has all three, and it’s guaranteed your pet will love it instantly!


    Incredibly Soft

    Made from high-quality fibers and plush fur to be exceptionally soft and cozy.


    Sweet Snuggles

    The raised rim and luxurious faux fur make your pet want to snuggle it all day long!


    Relief Their Pain

    The filling and fluffy design provide great support for the pet’s body, head, and neck to relief pets with joint pain.


    Love at First Sight

    Once your pet sees it and touches it, they’ll fall in love with it.



    No need to worry about keeping it clean, the machine will do it.



    Made from non-toxic material so your dog can stay as long as they want.


    For machine-washing, the bed uses a gentle cycle, tumble dry, and low heat.


  • Does it have a zipper to take the cover off to wash?

    No, There are no zippers. Just throw the whole thing in the washer.

    Does the center have fur?

    Yes. It's the same inside as it is outside.

    Has anyone had problems with bed shedding?

    Nope. Even when it went through the wash