Creative Leash with Bluetooth Connectivity and LED Lights

$114.99 $84.99


Do all leashes look the same to you? This one won’t! This smart leash is the leash of tomorrow, and you can get it today.

What do you imagine the leash of the future to look like? Does it have bright LED lights and connects to your smartphone? Do you control it with a few clicks and it records your walks and helps you manage your dog walks better? This leash is all of that, and more!

Benefits You Get:

  • Smart to Stay Connected: The leash connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to give you great benefits such as managing your dog walking time, recording and logging your dog walks, and notifies you of incoming calls with vibrations.
  • Replace Leash with a Click: With one click on the leash replacement button, you will be able to change the leash.
  • Futuristic Look: The LED light ring gives the leash the futuristic look you need, and it will definitely make you stand out anywhere you go with your dog.
  • See in the Dark: The LED flashlight enables you to walk your dog at any time of the day because you can always use it to see no matter how dark it is.
  • LED Indicators: The LED indicator tells you the information you need in a glance.
  • One Button, Three Functions: The Go Button allows you to enter or quite the walking mode with one press, turn on or off the LED light with a click and turn on or off the LED light ring with a double-click.
  • Strong Material: The leash has a strong buckle system that makes sure the leash is secure and can handle the tugging of your dog.


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