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introducing the best pet product in 2019! pet treat launcher.
Do you face troubles keeping your pet’s attention for a photo? This Pet Treat Launcher will help you capture the perfect photos of your pet.

This Pet Treat Launcher is a game-changer that will let you capture photos of your pet in just a few seconds? No more facing troubles to keep your pet’s attention, with this Treat Launcher you’ll get and keep your pet’s attention and you’ll be able to capture some stunning moments.

Nominated for The Best Pet Product of 2019!


  • Keep Your Pet’s Eyes Focused – on the treat!

Picture Perfect Pet Treat Launcher

This Pet Treat Launcher will help you keep your pet’s attention by showing the treat in the spring load, your pet will stand still focusing on the prize letting you capturing the most stunning photos.


  • Teach Your Dog a New Trick – Posing for the camera!

This photography assistant will let you teach your dog a new trick, posing for the camera, and seeing the treat in the spring load will actually motivate your dog to stand still to get the big prize. So, after some training, taking photos of your dog will be super easy whenever you want.


  • Enjoy Every Stunning Memory

This Pet Treat Launcher will allow you to take photos of your pet any moment you want and from any angle and you can take the perfect selfies as well, so you can keep every stunning moment with your pet.


  • Feature Flexibility

This Pet Treat Launcher can fit any smartphone and holds most of the treats.


  • Made of Pet-friendly Material

It’s made of durable, flexible food-grade silicone, which is non-toxic, and easy to use and clean.

Now, you can win the game of photography with your pet and will be able to capture the most stunning photos of your pet whenever you want.


What will you receive?

The package includes 1 Pet Treat Launcher



Does this fit any mobile phone?

Yes, you can snap it to any smartphone


Can it hold snacks well?

Depending on the size of the treat.


Is this easy to take on and off your phone?

Yes, it's easy to take on and off your phone as long as the adsorption surface is flat.


Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Pet Treat Launcher to be Quality Premium Product.

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