4EVERTOGETHER™: Beautiful Memorial Hand-Stamped Pet Necklace


This Hand-Stamped memorial pet necklace will remind you of all your memories, and remind the world that our furry friends will live in our hearts forever.

Pets lives are short, and though their bodies may be gone, their souls and memories live with us forever. Show the world that you will never forget them with these Hand-Stamped Memorial Necklaces.

Benefits You Get:
  • Customized: Send your dog’s name to have it hand-stamped on the bone.
  • Love Never Dies: Even though their bodies may have left our world, their bodies will stay with us forever.
  • High-Quality: Made from a 1’’ Aluminium disk to be durable and stay beautiful-looking for long.
  • Beautiful-Design: The 1’’ aluminum disk with the customized angle wing and bone with your dog’s name are truly lovely.
  • Uni-Sex: Pets don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, and neither does this necklace.
  • Perfect Gift: The simplest things are often the most perfect. This Necklace makes for a perfect gift for a friend to let them know you’re thinking about them and know what they are going through after losing their dog.