3-IN-1LEASH™: A Multiple Dog Walking Leash


The Multiple Dog Walking Leash

Walk all your dogs with one secure leash easily.

Do you have more than one dog? Walking them is not easy, is it?

Not anymore! This multiple dog walking leash has three heads and you can attach it easily. Walk all your dogs together securely and easily.

Multiple Dog Leash Benefits:

  • Safe: Made from strong and durable material for all the tugging they can manage.

  • Walk All Your Dogs: The  Multiple dog Leash comes with three heads and can be used for walking up to three dogs securely.
  • Comfortable Handle: The Rolling Handle ensures your hand doesn’t get tired from walking your dogs.
  • Durable: Dogs are energetic, they keep running and jumping around and it can take a toll on your leash. This leash, though, is made from durable material to stay strong for long.
  • Suitable for all dogs: Use it for dogs of all breeds and sizes.