Anti-insect Magnetic Screen Door




The magnet in this curtain will automatically close by itself after it has been opened either by you, your child or your pet!🐶❤️️


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Do you want to enjoy fresh air but insects stop you?

This is the Automatic Magnetic Anti-insects Curtain

Benefits You Get:

Comes with strong 18 magnets that open easily when you walk through and seal automatically once you have passed

• Flexible to fit all types of door frames, including RV doors, and fold up for easy storage • Gives your dog or cat a pet-friendly access.

• Easily installed and removed

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Are there magnets on the sides?
The magnets are in the middle between the two screens causing them to close and separate. On the sides, there is a combination of discrete white Velcro to fasten to the door frames. They are also augmented with the white flat-headed thumbtacks. You can use both or either tacks or Velcro depending on the situation. I have been very pleased with mine and I have three big dogs and a big teenager boy to boot! 
2. Does this split down the middle making two panels (17 .5 in ) each connected in the center by the magnets or only one sheet which connects on the side?
Yes, the door is split from the middle to make two panels. 
3. How do you install it?
This item is easy To Install No Drilling or Screwing Required. It has a 9 Magnet Fast Automatic Closing System. 

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Magnetic Anti-insects Curtains to be Quality Premium Product.

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