USB Rechargeable Adjustable LED Horse Tail Lights


Are you sure your horse is safe at night?!
This LED horse tail light will keep your friend safe and seen at night; no, you can rest assured that they’re safe!

Benefits You Get:
  • Protect Your Horse At Night: Whether you are riding on the road or a trail in the moonlight, your horse will be highly visible and, most importantly, SAFE from oncoming motor vehicles and hunters (when in season) with this LED horse tail lights 

  • Attractive And Looks Great: What’s the point in getting well-made horse supplies if they don’t also look GOOD? Have the best of both worlds with our affordable, easy to clean, and sturdy equipment

  • Illuminate Your Entire Ride For Hours: With our USB rechargeable batteries, you can brighten your after-work rides without having to constantly buy new batteries or glowsticks. So put the money you save right back into your horse.