Never Lose Sight of Your Pet with GPS Tracker

This GPS Tracker will help you track your pet’s activity and provide accurate locations so you can keep an eye on your pet wherever you’re and enjoy peace of mind. 

Have you ever wondered where your pet gets up to when you aren't around?

Introducing the GPS Pet Tracker

Benefits You Get:

  • Protect and monitor your pet.

  •  Locate your pet anytime and anywhere.

  • Use the safe zone feature to get alerted to your phone when they escape.

  • intelligent search function through precise calculation, locate your pet via digital display.

  • You can also use it to protect your valuables and kids.

  • Compatible with IOS and Android phones. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this too big for cats? Their sample photo shows as if it is on a tiny kitten sleeping...cute but no pic of the device around its neck.
I use it on my 11-pound cat with no problem. I just put it on his collar a little off center so that it hangs down and rests on his chest. 

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