GIANTB™: Giant Tennis Balls for Dogs

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These Giant Tennis Balls for Dogs will be your pups' new favorite toys! 

Are you looking to add something new to your pup's playtime? Then look no further than this big tennis ball for dogs, and if you think this looks like so much fun, then you're right! 

Why Get a Big Tennis Ball for Dogs? 

  •  100% brand new and high-quality product
Made of rubber and felt material Use for signature or pet toys. It has a huge diameter of 9.5 inches to make it one of the best tennis balls for dogs, and certainly one of the most fun ones. 
  • Bigger is Better

Bigger is just better, there is no way around it, and if you think normal tennis balls are much fun, then you can multiply this fun by x10 with this large tennis ball for dogs. 

  •  Safe 

The ball is lightweight and flexible enough that it can never cause you or your pup any harm. Enjoy your time with your pup knowing no matter how active gets your dog, safe tennis balls will always stay fun, and safe. 

  • A lot of Ball = A lot of Fun
This Big Tennis Ball for dogs will provide you with endless amounts of fun! Taking it for some playtime in the park will give playtime a whole different meaning. 
  • Memories that last forever

These large tennis balls for dogs will help you create memories that last forever. Hint: Keep your phone charged or take your camera with you when you get it, you will want to take pictures and/or videos. 

  • Fun for the Whole Family: 
It doesn't have to be only for the dog, Children also love playing with it. This large tennis ball for dogs is also perfect for playing in a park on a sunny day, or maybe in the wood, or wherever you want! 

Large Tennis Balls for Dogs FAQs: 

  • Does it hold air well? 

 Yes, you will be glad to know that it does hold air very well. 

  • Will I need to inflate it? 

Depends on how active is your pup.  while. Some pups are very active playing with this big tennis ball for dogs so they can deflate it after a while, but others not so much. 

  • Is inflating it difficult? 
You might think so because of its large size, but thankfully, that's not the truth at all. Inflating takes minimal effort, and you will be done in seconds.
  • How much fun is this large tennis ball for dogs? 
It's  SO MUCH fun. My Labrador got crazy in love with it once I showed it to him and he started bouncing it up and down around our yard, and he was joined moments later by my Golden Retriever who also fell in love with it immediately.   
Your pup will have endless fun bouncing these large tennis balls for dogs around the yard and park. Enjoy unlimited fun and endless games with your pup anytime, anywhere, as long as there's enough space to run after this giant tennis ball, your pooch will surely have a good time. 

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