Flower-shaped Cat Bed Nest | Best Gift for Cat Owners


Give your fur balls the coziest bed for the best naps!😺😺

This flower-shaped cat bed is designed with your cat’s comfort in mind and home decor as well. It will provide the coziest naps ever; it creates a warm and comfy bed for your cats and small dogs too.

Introducing the Flower-shaped Cat Bed Nest to the rescue!

Benefits You Get:

  • Provide Privacy

This bed will offer your pet the privacy they crave to enjoy their nap, snuggling or sleeping time on their own.


  • Feature Cute Design

This bed features a cute flower-shaped design that will be suitable for anywhere in your house such as; bedroom, living room or even the balcony to add a decorative touch to your place.


  • Help Pets Sleep Well

Providing a sense of security will definitely meet your pet’s living habit, so your pet will have better naps.


  • Give More Safety Feeling

Your cats and small dogs will enjoy the ultimate feeling of safety while snuggling in this bed.


  • Feature Bite-resistance

This bed is bite-resistant and easy to clean; the rounded edges will make it very hard on your pets to scratch it.


  • Make the Best Gift for Cat Owners

Treat yourself or someone dear with this cute flower-shaped cat bed that makes the perfect gift for cat owners.

What You'll Get:

The package includes 1 flower-shaped cat bed nest

Frequently Asked Questions:


My cat is about 12 to 14 lbs. Will this fit a large cat?

I have a 9ish lb cat and she fits comfortably with some wiggle room and she sleeps in it all the time.

Has anyone washed theirs and did the product hold shape after drying?

I have washed this about 5-6 times and it holds shape fairly well. The top part of the bed scoots down a bit, but my kitties don't mind.

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Flower-shaped Cat Bed Nest to be Quality Premium Product.

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