Durable weatherproof outdoor Ultrasonic Bark collar Stop Anti-bark house dog training system including Battery


Features of dog bark:


1. Uses ultrasonic sound to deter unwanted barking

2. Detects the sound of barking up to 15 meters

3. 4 levels of operation including test mode , 3 range levels , On/Off switch

4. Durable and weatherproof for outdoor use.

5. LED power indication



Model UL10
Function Emit ultrasonic sound to stop barking
Collar size 9.9*6.4*11.55 CM
Collar weight 190 gram
Detect range level 3, up to 15meters
Battery 9V battery
Certification CE&Rohs and insurance
Warranty 2 years

Packing list:


1*Ultrasonic bark house




outdoor ultrasonic bark control 1UL10 99UL10 100


How to use it:


1.Installation and Setup

   The Ultrasonic Bark Collar should be placed facing the dog and within range of the dog . It should be positioned at a height of no more than 1.5 meters . It can be place in a tree , hanging from a pole , on a fence post, etc . For best results , the area between the Ultrasonic Bark Collar and the  dog should be free of any large obstacles.


2.Change battery

   The Ultrasonic Bark Collar utilizes a replaceable 9-Volt battery . The battery is good , The green LED flash 1 time per 5 seconds . If the battery is low , The LED flash frequently . If there is no LED light it is time to change the battery . Open the battery door to replace the battery .


3.Modes of Operation

   Begin use of the Ultrasonic Bark Collar with Low Range (“1”) mode , if the dog does not respond ,increase to the Medium Range (“2”) .

   IF the dog does not respond to the Medium Range (“2”) , increase to High Range (“3”) .

  Turn to the Test mode to verify the Ultrasonic Bark Collar work properly .


4.Test the Ultrasonic Bark Collar

   Turn the Mode Switch to “T”

   Hold the unit with the Indicator Light towards you .The unit should be arms length away from your mouth

   In order to activated the unit , say “Woof” loudly towards the Microphone

   The LED light will flash red and there will be an audible sound to indicate that it is functioning 

   properly .

   Return the Mode Switch to Low Range “1” before you begin using the ultrasonic bark collar.