Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain for Dogs

This water fountain will provide fresh clean water to your dog.⛲️🐶

✅ Save Time & Effort

✅ Keep Your Dog Hydrated

✅ Offer Fresh Clean Water

✅ Feature Long Hose

✅ Easy to Install

✅ Feature Superior Material

Calling all dog parents to check this awesome outdoor drinking water fountain. Now, you will make sure your dog is getting enough clean and fresh water without the need to refill its water bowl. This fountain is easy to install in your backyard, hassle free!

Introducing this Creative water fountain to keep your dog hydrated!

Benefits You Get:

  • Save Time & Effort

This fountain will save you the effort of refilling the water bowl every now and then. Now, the self-system feature will keep you rest assured your dog is getting cool and fresh water whenever they need.


  • Keep Your Dog Hydrated

This fountain will encourage your dog to drink so that they won’t become dehydrated.


  • Offer Fresh Clean Water

This fountain will provide your dog fresh, cool and clean water to your dog whenever they step on it as it works just on demand.


  • Feature Long Hose

The long hose can be easily connected to a tap or another hose in your backyard or inside your house.


  • Easy to Install

You can easily install this fountain wherever you want and all you have to do is just adjusting the water stream to control the water pressure.


  • Feature Superior Material

This fountain is made from a leak-proof material to prevent leakage and any possible mess.


Please, make sure the hose isn’t exposed to the Sun in order not to heat up the water.

What You'll Get:

The package includes 1 fountain and 1 user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1-Does this come with a hose? If so, how long is it?

Yes, there is one. More or less 1 meter but it can be easily changed.

2-Are there any filters to clean?

No filters. It's basically the hose hooked up to the device; the paw pedal and a nozzle. No maintenance required!


3-What is the hose length?

About a foot.


4-Will this work for a small dog? such as a Yorkie?

Yes, it works for all dog breeds.


Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Outdoor Fountain to be Quality Premium Product.

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