Dog Training Leash: Adjustable Police Tactical Dog Leash

Army Green

Dog Training Leash


the Dog Training Leash will give full control over your dog while enjoying your walks together. 

Discover this Adjustable Police Tactical Dog Leash that will let you better control your dog anywhere you walk them!

Tactical Dog Leash Benefits:

  • Durable and Lightweight: Constitute by high quality and durable nylon material, metal buckle. Nice choice for all kinds of dogs.


  • Two handles: It has two handles, one at the end and one soft padded handle near the clip. The one close to the clip or collar area is nice to get control quickly which helps with training purposes to bring the dog to heel, both of them provide the optimal control distance.

  • Elastic Bands Provide Ductility: The dog quick release leash has elastic stretch (expands about 12 inches), elasticity cushion keeps your arm or your dog's body from getting yanked when your dog's change direction or forward suddenly.

  • Flexible Length: This is the  Dog Training Leash, intended to keep your buddy beside you while allowing and have more control. So it does not extend super far but it has good range.