Amazing lightweight Breathable German Shepherd Dog Shoes


Dog Boots For Summer/Winter

Don’t we all care about our canine companion to have a safe walk by our side? Of course, we all care about our dogs to have a safe journey while with us. This the  Dog Boots For Summer/Winter is great invention allows you to take your lovely pet everywhere with no fear that their feet will get hurt, scratched, wet or overheat due that it is made from high-quality materials This is the Amazing Dog Shoes for Your Lovely Pooch will give your pooch the relaxing feeling of going anywhere with their best friend.🐶🐶

Calling all dog lovers to check this great invention that is the top in the market when it comes to dog’s shoes. This great dog shoes are made to keep your dogs feet safe on any type of ground texture as they are made in a way to keep your dogs feet stable and well protected without giving them the feeling of losing the ability of walking; they’re great for all type of activities such as; beach, walking, rock climbing, and slippery river crossings as they have a non-slip grip which will keep your dog stable without slipping


Dog Shoes Benefits:

  • Walk with your pooch anywhere.

Taking your dogs for a long walk and in any place on sunny hot days or cold days won’t be an issue anymore for their paws to get hurt.


  • Don’t worry about your dog slip or fall.

These awesome shoes are made from a strong grip material that will secure your dog while walking on any surface without slipping or falling.


  • Walkingyour dogonany muddy or watery place won’t be an issue.

These anti-mud shoes will have you amazed of how they really do protect your dogs’ paws from getting dirty or muddy as they fully protect them from that and as we mentioned they’re totally waterproof so, say farewell to dirty paw prints all over your carpet or car seat.


  • Keep an eye on your pooch at night is possible now.

The amazing “Keep Their Feet Safe Shoes” are wrapped; each one with a reflective strap to secure the visual at night so you can see where is your dog located in the middle of the night


  • Anti-slipping shoes for a car ride with your dog.

Your dog will thank you for this as these great shoes help them have an amazing grip while sitting in the car and no more wiggling around and feeling dizzy from all the turns and the speed pumps, just make your dog relax with these multifunctional dog shoes.


  • Made of high-quality materials, which is safe for your dogs' health.

The Dog shoes are just perfect for your dog paws’ health and hygienic level as they are breathable to allow the air to come in and out with no issue. In addition, these shoes won’t cause itching or any skin issue also will last for a really long time as they are made from flexible materials that are really strong and easily adjustable to fit all dog’s sizes and ages.

This great gadget will just make your life and your dog’s life much better as you want your dog to go with you anywhere and same on his or her side just take a long walk any time of the year and anywhere on planet Earth with no worries what so ever.

🐶Size Chart🐶

Please Check how you measure your Dog shoe size:

1 Size: inside width: 3.5cm / 1.38inch

2 Size: inside width: 4.0cm / 1.57inch

3 Size: inside width: 4.5cm / 1.77inch

4 Size: inside width: 5.0cm / 1.97inch

5 Size: inside width: 5.7cm / 2.24inch

6 Size: inside width: 6.4cm / 2.52inch

7 Size: inside width: 7.0cm / 2.76inch


1. Would you recommend these for an older dog that is having trouble slipping
around on my hardwood floors? Do you think she needs more traction?

That is the very reason that we got them. My dog was having difficulty moving on
my tile floors. Her rear legs would go out and she could not get up. We got these
and put them on her rear paws and she was able to get around again. They
worked fine for this purpose. 

2. Would like to use these when I take my pups swimming. Are these good for that?

I have never used them for swimming but my dog does wear them into the water. If you have
the straps secure, they should stay on just fine. I take them off when we get home so his feet
can dry because they do get very wet inside. 

3. How are these for hot pavement? I'm concerned they may be too warm for the dog and not breathable. Any feedback? 

Only walked a short distance on pavement and dog walked fine in the shoes. They are made with a fabric similar to lightweight ripstop. Not sure how "breathable" that is, however anything protecting your pets foot over hot pavement is better than no protection at all. My cattle dog wears them mostly in the backyard due to contact allergy issues. I have had the shoes a few
months now and we like them fine. 

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