Dog Paw Cleaner With Soft Silicone Bristles – The Easiest Solution to Cleaning Dog Paws


Dog Paw Cleaner
 The Optimum Method for Cleaning Dog Paws

Dog Paw Cleaner is the easiest way to give your dog a quick paw rinse before he steps inside your house. ❤️️🐶

Dogs are outdoor creatures, There is no stopping that.
Most of them prefer to run wild rather than remain indoors,

Your dog will run everywhere he can, and since he does the running on all 4, he will likely get all sorts of no good on his paws, mud dirt, etc…

Your dog’s paws are now filled with Dirt, mud, leaves, splinters and who knows what else, and with each of them comes a plethora of accompanying germs that spread all sorts of sickness and disease,

 Unfortunately, Your dog isn’t big on doormat manners,
 I guess he skipped that part of your dog training routine,
He’ll instead set all of it loose on your home, but you don’t need to worry anymore,

Now there’s a simple portable solution to Cleaning Dog Paws with minimal effort,

It’s the Dog paw cleaner!


The Silicone Dog Paw Cleaner Benefits for Cleaning Dog Paws:


  • Simple and easy to use.

This little tin shaped paw cleaner makes cleaning dog paws simpler than ever,
 Just Add a little warm water to it, Stick your dog’s paw into the cleaner unit, Briefly Move it up and down in the cleaner, Pull it out, and in less than 2 minutes you’ll have done all 4 paws effortlessly.

  • Effective Bristle Design

Our dog paw cleaner is designed perfectly in a way that got Thick silicone bristles inside an Easy-to-Grip cup.

These little gentle fingers are the ones that actually do the cleaning.

Their design allows them to weed out and remove dirt from your dog’s paw at no pain or inconvenience to your dog’s feet.

  • Compact and Portable

Coming at 3 sizes:

  • size S:         9cm width           11cm height
  • Size L:         9.5cm Width       14.5cm Height
  • Size XL:      11cm Width         22cm Height

With these dimensions, This pet foot washer is easy to carry and takes next to no space.

It’ll make a useful companion on picnics, hikes, while traveling and of course, at home.

Its simple design will make it easy to bring apart and clean up, just a quick water rinse and it’s good as new.


This is a must-have addition to any dog owner’s toolkit and will have you take a step further in keeping your home safe and clean from germ-infested dirt.


This mudbuster portable dog paw cleaner works great and better than any dog groomers


If this is not for you, Share this effective innovation with a dog owner who needs it.

Dog Paw Cleaner FAQ’S

  • I have a dog with paws about 2-1/2" wide. What size would be suitable when taking into account the silicone insert?

The large size would fit anywhere from a 2-1/2" to 3-1/2" wide paw comfortably.

  • Is this dog paw cleaner suitable for cleaning dog paws of all dog breeds or some of them can’t fit this dexas mudbuster?

Nope, our product is good for cleaning dog paws of dog breeds of all shapes and sizes

  • Does this dog paw cleaner have a lid so the water won't spill out when in transit? I may not always have a handy water source at the time my 2 dogs has muddy paws before they start licking their paws?

Sorry, Unfortunately, It does not have a lid.

  • Can you add soap to this product?

Yes, you can, I assume you could but you don’t need it. I guess warm water can do the trick

  • Can this be effective for cleaning dog paws that have been blackened by tarred roadways in the summer?

Based on my personal experience, I have used this dog paw cleaner with my puppy who has white paws after walking on a paved road, my dog’s feet were covered with tartar and it helped with cleaning dog paws before entering the house.

For optimum results though, You may need to repeat the process with clean water for complete cleaning.

I recommend pouring one drop of shampoo in the water to help get rid of dirt better.

  • How can I use this paw washer with my large sized Giant Schnauzer?

It works The same with all dog breeds,  Add a little water, Insert the muddy paw, Do the twist, Dap the paw dry, Repeat for 3 more feet

  • Can this work on dog booties?

!!! … But how!! Seriously how?

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