Dog Life Vest on Mermaid Style Colorful and Creative Life Jacket - 2019 Update

Gray Shark
Red Clown Fish
Pink Mermaid

Keep your dog safe in the water with this Dog life vest 

Summer is here, it’s getting hotter by the second, and you feel like you need a good long swim, Your Dog Will Look So Cool in This 😍
Well, you’re not the only one, and you can probably tell that your dog needs a cold dunk himself, you are however worried about letting them into the pool,
Dogs are natural swimmers, that’s a fact, some of them, however, do need a helping hand, puppies are a good example, and the ever brave disabled are another, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to deny them the pool, because we have the right solution for you and your dog.

The dog swim vest is a simple and colorful innovation that is very important for your dog's safety, and by putting it on your pooch, you’ll give them the pool time it needs to escape the heat of the summer.

Benefits You Get:
  • Functional design: This dog life vest comes with 3 size-adjustable easy-release buckles, a special soft handle below the neck to keep your dog’s chin above water, as well as a handle on the back for easy carrying in case of emergency.
  • Efficient fabric: This life jacket is made of soft floatable polyester fabric that’s soft on your dog’s side and fades resistant as well as waterproof on the other.
  • All shapes and sizes: Available in three different styles, Colorful mermaid, Menacing shark or Gold-fish Nemo, this adjustable dog vest will fit most if not all different dog sizes, From XS to XXL. So don’t deny your pooch a nice cold soak.

🐶Size Chart🐶

Dog life vest FAQs 

1. What if my dog has a 26" chest?
Yes, we suggest size L. That's the large dog life vest. 
2. I have a corgi-collie that’s roughly 25lbs. His measurements are: Chest 23” - Neck 16” - Length 24” Chest makes him a M. Neck would make him a M/L?
We recommend the medium dog life jacket for him, size Large is too large for him

3. Can this dig swim vest work for a Great Dane? 

Yes, and depending on their age, you can choose between the small, medium, or large dog life vest. 

4. I have a 98 lb. pup, will this be able to lift him in the water? 

Yes, this dog swim vest can really lift your dog in the water. 

5. Doesn't this irritate the dog? I fear my dog will feel restricted in it?

No, it's flexible enough to not restrict your dog's movement and they can freely move and play in the water, but it's not loose so it stays on even if they play a little rough in the water. 

6. How difficult is this to put on the dog? 

I've got this for my young pups, so you can say I use it as a puppy life jacket if you will, and they don't mind it at all, so it's really easy to put on. All you have to do is wrap it and adjust the straps, it's pretty easy actually. 

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