ROLLABLE™: Dog Mat For Food & Water | Dog Feeding Mat


This roll-up Dog Food Mat is perfect for feeding pets anywhere.

Imagine having one gadget that helps you feed your pet anywhere and anytime, sounds interesting, isn't it?! These bowls simply roll up to fit in your backpack or car glove compartment for easy and convenient storage and transportation.
You'll feel comfortable without worrying about your pet getting hungry or thirsty during outdoor activities. 

Dog Feeding Mat Benefits 

  • Easy to store at home or take it anywhere for travel: simply hang up after use or roll up! This double dog bowl mat is perfect for feeding small, medium or large dogs. Also suitable as small pets food mat. such as cats, chicks, rabbits and more. Each bowl holds up to 1 large beaker of food, 600 ml of water. You can use this double dog bowl mat feeding dry or wet foods. Please refer to measurements

  • Perfect Pet Feeding Mat: A complete dog mat for food & water in one piece. Raised outer lip prevents food and water from spilling onto your clean floors! Mat anti-slip, Waterproof, Durable, Flexible, Soft. Clean up easily by rinsing or under the sink, also suitable for dishwashers or simply wipe down the pet food mat.

  • Good For Hiking and Camping: This pet travel bowl mat easy to pack and super quick to roll out and use. Can Rolls away in seconds and conveniently pops back into its carry case. A perfect portable pet bowl and mat for wherever you want to go with your dog or cat, you have a suitable, clean, handy Travel Bowl Set hold water and food to feeding your dog.your pet is worth having the dog accessories for camping.

  • FDA Pet food Mat-Made of premium FDA approved silicone: BPA, Lead and phthalate free. Non-toxic, non-allergenic and safe for all pets. Our bowls mats provide a hygienic safe eating area for your pet, suitable for feed your loved dog or cat every day with the pet food mat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Material?

It is made from 100% food grade FDA approved silicone, durable and chemical free.

How much food/water do the bowls hold?

enough for a meal, it worked for my lab.

Can I use this for water? 

This is a dog mat for food and water, so it can easily contain liquids such as water. 

Does this pet food mat leak? 

This pet food mat doesn't leak and you can easily use it for liquids. You can use this as dog food and water mat if you want, which is exactly what I use.

Is this a safe dog mat for food and water on its own or do I need some kind of cover? 

This dog food and water mat is perfectly safe and will never interact with your dog's food or water, and you don't need any sort of cover with it. Just keep it clean and you are good. 

Does this take much space? Can I take it in a bag? 

I carry it in a gym bag no problems, so I think you should be just fine.