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Keep your dog safe in the back seat so you can focus on driving.🐶


Do you face troubles focusing while driving because your dog keeps climbing over your shoulder? This pet barrier is all you need; it will fill the gap between the driver and passenger front seats, preventing your pet from climbing over you and giving you the whole attention you need to drive and keeping your pet safe at the same time. It’s a win-win solution, isn’t it?

Introducing this Safety Pet Barrier to the rescue!

Benefits You Get:

  • Keep Your Pet Safe

Keeping your pet safety must be your first priority, and keeping your pet safe in the car is also important. This pet barrier will give you the control over your pet in the car while driving to make sure they’re safe and secured.


  • Focus on Driving

If your dog keeps climbing over your shoulder, then you know the struggle is real. Therefore, we brought this pet barrier for you so you can totally focus on driving without the distraction your dog makes.


  • Feature High-Quality Material

This pet barrier is made from high-quality polyester to provide you durability for a longer time.


  • Easy to Install

This barrier is very easy to install and takes no time or tools, so it will save you the time and money in getting it installed.

What You'll Get:

The package includes 1 Pet Barrier

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I use it to prevent them from going to the cargo area?

I guess it depends on your car. In order for this to work all 4 corners must be connected to something to pull the net taught. If you can do that, I wouldn't see why not.

My car does not have a handle on the driver’s side, where do I attach it?

I attach mine to the headrest 

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Dog Car Barrier to be Quality Premium Product.

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