Heavy Helicopter Extra-Large Cable for dogs up to 125 pounds




This is the strongest hands-free leash for your big dog. A cable that's long and strong enough to let them safely roam the yard! ❤️️🐶


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Need a strong hands-free leash for your big dog? Looking for a cable that's long and strong enough to let them safely roam the yard?

Introducing the Heavy Extra-Large Cable for dogs 

Benefits You Get:

This Heavy Extra-Large Cable is 30 feet long and it's so strong it can bear dogs up to 125 pounds!

• Made of ultra-durable material with anti-rusty cover.

• Sizes: 3M/ 5M/ 10M

• Goes through rigorous quality tests to ensure cables strength.

• 360-degree rotating clip to protect your dog from tangling.

• Quick release swivel clips for easy set-up. Attach one end of tie out to pet's collar -attach the other end of tie out to an immobile. an object such as BV Tie Out Stake.

• Made of bright, reflective material to walk your dogs with more safety in the dark.

• Features weather resistant heavy construction.

• It's a strong, dependable cable to assure pet's safety while outside.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It's very lightweight but strong, I bought it for my 55 lb dog because he's strong. It is half the weight of my previous tie out and just as sturdy. It is thin enough for a small dog to use. 

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Pull Helicopter Heavy Extra-Large Cable to be Quality Premium Product.

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