Dog Brush For Shedding With Detachable Clipper


The Dog Shedding

Dogs may be known as the best friend but they are also the cleaner’s worst enemy. With the warmer weather upon us, all dog owners know what this means -Shedding! is a healthy process because it allows your pet to get rid of some of its old, dead furs and to make room for new fur to grow in.

Unfortunately, this means that your dog’s hair will wind up everywhere and it can be very difficult to clean before it ends up all over the couch One way to reduce the mess that shedding causes is to regularly brush your dog. Brushing sessions also provide a good opportunity to check your pet for illnesses or other problems such as ticks, making brushing a win/win, we have a great solution for you

We Introduce This Dog Brush For Shedding

For Mega Shedders Dogs This Dog Brush Will Help You Keep That Fur Under Control.

Important Note:

  • This comb only suit for straight hair, if your lovely pet is with curly hair, please do not use it, otherwise, it will hurt your pet.


Available Sizes for Dog Hair Brush 

  • Size: S: handle:13cm,knife width:5cm
  •     M: handle:13cm,knife width:6.5cm
  •     L: handle:13cm,knife width:10cm


  You will Get:

The handle is made of rubber to provide a good grip. This tool is great for long and short-haired dogs.

It has a 100 mm stainless steel blade and an easy to grip handle so you can effortlessly brush your Lab every day to remove loose hair.


  • Stainless steel comb teeth durable
  • .Ergonomic, comfortable, non-slip
  • Clean floating hair effect is obvious
  • Removable cutter head for easy cleaning and replacement