Cute Swimming Mermaid Fin for Kids


 [short_description]This Cute Swimming Mermaid Fin for Kids can Increase their confidence in the water and build their leg strength.[/short_description]|[config]|

Looking for something that can increase children's confidence in water? Want to help a young swimmer build their leg strength? This Cute Swimming Mermaid Fin for children can effectively do the job!

• They are cute, comfortable and stays on perfectly for maximum fun.

• Increases water confidence by introducing positive, early swimming experience.

• Improves body balance in the water.

• Quick-release foot strap for quick and safe removal

• Adjustable foot straps so it can fit from small to large children feet

• Perfect addition to mermaid costume.

• A great gift for young water lovers.

• Fits shoe sizes boys1-6T, girls 2-8T, suitable most of the kids.

• To train children swimming and suitable for age less than 15 years old.

• Adult supervision is required.

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• Only $3.25 for international orders.

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